Assignment: Self-Analysis

Assignment: Self-Analysis
Assignment: Self-Analysis
As 2: Stereotypes
Part 1
The purpose of this assignment is to make you aware of your beliefs about being a victim.
What happens in society at large in any group when the topic of victims arises? Use the technique of free association and then analyze the thoughts behind those associations.
To conduct your self-analysis, consider the following steps:
Take a blank sheet of paper and write Victim on top of the paper.
Start writing all the words that come to mind about the victim until you run out of words.
Part 2
In this part of the assignment, you have the opportunity to hear from a rape victim and to learn about some of the situations and attitudes she encountered after her attack. By completing this assignment, you also have an opportunity to apply concepts and theories of sexual violence you have learned in this course and to reflect on attitudes you have heard or encountered regarding this type of victim.
To read n who has been sexually assaulted and of how this has impacted her life.
The description of the incident is very graphic in this article. If you have a history of trauma, be a little cautious. It may be best to read this article in the morning when you have all day to process it rather than at night before going to sleep.
From the examples listed by the author, what resonated with your own “ignorance” of rape?
Provide examples of ignorance about rape from other sources (such as conversations you have had or the portrayal of victims in the media).
Provide resources for rape victims in your area of residence.
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