Assignment: Skinner’s theoretical perspective.

Assignment: Skinner’s theoretical perspective.
Assignment: Skinner’s theoretical perspective.
In this assignment, you are being asked to write a short paper comparing Skinner’s theoretical perspective to that of Freud and Rogers. For help comparing Skinner to Rogers, see reading 23 in your Personality Reader. For help comparing Skinner to Freud, go to Psychinfo and find the 2007 American Psychologist article “Looking for Skinner and Finding Freud” by Geir Overskeid.
Please provide a short paper, is 2 pages, 600 words minimum, due Friday April 15.
Write a short paper exploring the meaning of what Patricia Hill Collins calls the matrix of domination. Consider how identity politics (civil rights, feminism, the LGBT movement) could be considered a response to domination (forms of power evident in control, exclusion, and discrimination).
Double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and APA citations.
Your submission should cover similarities and differences across multiple theoretical areas (for example, it should include deterministic stance, positivism, the role of the person, the importance of conscious processes, etc.).
Make sure your submission is in APA format, and it should be at least 2 ½ to 3 pages (not including the title page and reference page). Write in 3rd person, and avoid passive voice. Double space your work.
This article explicates a critical relativist perspective on research in consumer and buyer behavior. It is argued that a relativistic construal of this area is far superior to a positivistic approach because: (1) it provides a more accurate description of how knowledge is actually generated in the field, (2) it offers a more rigorous and tough-minded approach to the evaluation of knowledge claims in the discipline, and (3) it suggests a framework for coming to grips with the various problems that arise in day-to-day research. In so doing, the article develops a new model of the research generation process in social science and employs a well-known “case study” in consumer research to illustrate many of its key points.

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