Assignment: Sound waves results

Assignment: Sound waves results
Assignment: Sound waves results
14. How do sound waves ultimately result in the production of receptor potentials?
15. What is a dermatome?
16. The fact that the refractory period limits the firing rate of a neuron is problematic for which of the following?
17. Stimulation ofa touch receptor opens___channels in the axon.
18. Each spinal nerve has______
19. The tympanic membrane connects to three tiny bones that transmit the vibrations to the_____.
20. A distinctive feature of itch is that it relies on_____
21. What are the dreamlike experiences at the onset of sleep that are difficult to distinguish from reality?
22. A decrease in the amount of sleep most likely to affect the performance of migratory bird during____
23. Professor Lamon tells his class that humans experience several different circadian rhythms which all last_____.
24. What is the role of the suprachiasmatic nucleus in circadian rhythms?
25. Rob’s body temperature fluctuates throughout the day and is usually the lowest___
26. During sleep, what happens in the brain?
27. When studying disruptions to the biological clock in animals, what did Curt Richter find?
28. Vashti has been asleep for several hours. At this point of the night, she is most likely_____
29. Les will be taking a trip, and he is worried about how to handle his jet lag. What advice would you give him?
30. The relationship between sleep stage and dreaming is that dreams___
31. After damage to the ventromedial hypothalamus, an animal will most likely____
32. The term ____ refers to temperature regulation and other biological processes that keep body variables within a fixed range.
33. What is one reason why animals with a lesion in the lateral hypothalamus eat so little?
34. The brain finds out about the degree of stretch of the stomach from___
35. Electrical stimulation of a rat’s lateral hypothalamus would most likely result in____
36. Lora is sick and has developed a fever. Why might this be helpful for her?
37. Tammi has a pet lizard. How does her lizard maintain a proper body temperature?
38. The ___ increases the pituitary gland’s secretion of hormones that increase insulin secretion.
39. Obesity in Prader-Willi syndrome is linked to a problem with__.
40. Approximately what percent of the mammalian body is composed of water?

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