Assignment: Stages Of Sleep

Assignment: Stages Of Sleep
Assignment: Stages Of Sleep
Chosen topic “Stages Of Sleep”
Create an annotated bibliography for the topic above to make a Psychology Research Report. Create an annotated bibliography which must include 3 different sources. These sources can include journals, periodicals, books, credible Internet articles (e.g. .org, .gov, or .net), etc.
For each of the 3 sources that you research, you will need to cite the bibliographic information in APA format followed by a summary, assessment, and a reflection. Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar.
No plagiarism please. Must be done in APA format. Due date 05/26/2017 by 12PM Noon.Application. Application is defined as the ability to use learned material in new and concrete situations and includes applying rules, methods, concepts, principles, and theories. In their writing, students at the application level are able to select the main ideas and research findings from other sources that relate directly or indirectly to their selected topic. They make explicit connections between the writings of others and the topic at hand. They are able to make decisions about the relevance of a particular piece of information. However, like those students at the first two levels, students at the application level are unable to make distinctions about the quality of information read. In addition, like students at lower levels, they often focus their attention solely on the introduction and discussion sections of other articles (Anisfeld, 1987). Without a meaningful schema for analysis, they are unable to break down source information to the component research principles or conceptual ideas. Therefore, they must rely on the source authors’ analysis of their own work, which is typically in the discussion section of the source articles.

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