Assignment: Stress A Normal Reaction

Assignment: Stress A Normal Reaction
Assignment: Stress A Normal Reaction
Explain in detail why stress is a normal reaction to a demanding situation.
500 words
· CARLOS ZALAQUETT I’m going to ask you to take a deep breath in and out. Very good. To relax your shoulders and your body. And I’m going to ask you to, uh, put your hands on your lap, in this way. Very good. Let your feet rest on the floor, comfortably. Make sure your back is comfortable, also.And now, I’m going to ask you to close your eyes, turn your hands upsidedown. Very good. And I’m going to ask you to use your imagination, to picture in one of those hands, an image of yourself, an image of Seriashia concerned about her visual limitation. And whenever you picture this image of yourself, just take a moment to share with me, how does you look like, what is her, her attitude, and what is your sense of her?
· 03:50SERIASHIA CHATTERS Well, she is crouched in a corner, and she is scared, and wants to give up, and she looks very tired.
· 04:05[sil.]
· Next, Carlos introduces a dialogue of parts. We have already seen a strong capable woman who is also scared and tired. Note the use of hands.
· CARLOS ZALAQUETT Very tired. Thank you very much. This was a very, very good representation and I could sense that I have like a, an understand to some extent of what is going on. Now, uh, on your left hand there.
· Guiding a dialogue of internal parts
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