Assignment: Study On Psychoanalytic Theory

Assignment: Study On Psychoanalytic Theory
Assignment: Study On Psychoanalytic Theory
Mandatory: Locate one peer reviewed study on psychoanalytic theory published in the last 5 years. How does the study present material differently than earlier analysts? Include an APA citation of your chosen study in your response. How are psychoanalytic concepts addressed in current research studies? Provide examples.
From application to analysis. Analysis is a necessary and often neglected precursor to synthesis. Unless the source articles are understood and analyzed in detail, synthesis will be based on inaccurate or incomplete information. Whereas a written summary for the purposes of comprehension will focus on more global themes and main points, analysis requires an in-depth review of the source articles. If analyzing an empirical study, what was the methodology used? Are there alternative explanations for the findings? Are causal relationships inferred from correlational data? Are effect sizes reported and are they meaningfully large? Is there justification for the generalizations drawn from the sample that has been studied? In nonempirical articles, how did the authors come to their conclusions? What evidence is provided for these conclusions? The student may develop a list of questions that he or she would use to analyze the source articles.
From analysis to synthesis. Writing from a detailed outline is an important component of producing quality literature reviews, and this becomes particularly true at the synthesis stage. Students often have vague outlines with only three or four general categories when they begin a paper. A change in the process is necessary. Cognitively advanced writers typically start with a very detailed outline that emerges from the themes of the source articles (Jackson, 1980). This is done before the writing begins. An outline detailed enough to include subtopics and both sides of specific arguments will not be conducive to a sequential listing of articles. Students will be forced to use a more integrated approach. However, this outline can be developed only after the source material is read, understood, and analyzed, so that the themes to be included in the outline emerge from the existing literature. Faculty can encourage the use of a detailed outline by working on an outline with the student or, alternatively, requiring an outline to be turned in and evaluated before the final paper is written and submitted.

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