Assignment: Succession Of Foster Homes

Assignment: Succession Of Foster Homes
Assignment: Succession Of Foster Homes
1.hough Jesse spent most of his growing years in a succession of foster homes after enduring abuse and neglect, his disposition in cheerful and his relationships are healthy and fulfilling. According to developmentalists, he exhibits ______ (the ability to overcome or bounce from adversity) despite his early experiences.
2.In a(n) ______, the scientist deliberately changes one variable and measures the change in some other variable.
3.When differences between the experimental group and the control group are so large that they could not have occurred simply by chance, they are considered to be statistically ______.
4.A developmental psychologist (e.g., Jean Piaget) who bases his conclusions on intensive study of one child or a few individuals is using the ______ method.
Succession Planning
Resources in this section describe how to develop and implement a successful succession planning program. Resources include
(PDF – 243 KB)
Executive Transition Monograph Series, 6, 2008
Presents emergency succession planning tools and offers executive directors concrete guidance for thinking about when and how to leave an organization.
Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent From Within
Rothwell (2005)
Addresses the components of succession planning and management, which include best practices, trends influencing succession planning, characteristics of effective programs, and various approaches for problem solving.
(PDF – 138 KB)
Wilkerson (2007)
Reviews the current academic knowledge of succession planning in the public sector.
Free Management Library
Provides links to resources that address aspects of succession planning and focus on transition of nonprofit leaders.
Succession Planning Basics
Atwood (2007)
Describes basic concepts and steps for creating an effective succession plan for an organization.
(PDF – 667 KB)
SuccessFactors, Inc. (2008)
Provides a road map to effective succession planning.

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