Assignment: Surprising_Benefits_Of_Stress

You will read an interview article from Greater Good magazine from the University of California Berkeley about the benefits of stress. Then you will answer some questions about it. The goal is to practice critical thinking about psychology information, learn about research methods in psychology and to learn about the research covered. Here is a link to the article online and a pdf attached(so two ways to access the same article).
Instructions: Write answers to the following questions using complete sentences.
1. What are the article title, author, and date published?
2. What are the qualifications of the expert interviewed for the article? Come up with one example of a bias that might be influencing the expert.
3. How was stress measured by the expert?
4. What claims about human behavior or mental processes are being made in the article?
5. What evidence was presented to back up the claims?
6. Come up with one example of an advantage to the methods used by this expert.
7. Come up with one example of a possible problem with the methods used by this expert.

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