Assignment: Systems Analytics Input Form Project

Assignment: Systems Analytics Input Form Project ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Systems Analytics Input Form Project Use Wufoo to develop an input form using some of the key fields from your project. Copy (or take a screenshot of) the design and paste it into Word document with a title page. Provide the resulting URL as well. Criteria: Design incorporates good choice of colors, text, font, arrangement, and evidence of possible navigation (as in a “submit” button). Attaching my previous assignments for project reference. research_project_proposal_week1.docx business_requirement_document_week2.docx system_design_specification_for_block_chain_technology_in_a_hospital.docx decision_matrix.docx System design specification for Block Chain Technology in a Hospital Healthcare IndustryBharath Kumar SunkaraOttawa UniversityDr. Kenneth W. CooperNov 7 th , 2020 Contents System design specification for Block Chain Technology in a Hospital 3 Management Summery. 3 System Components. 3 System Environment 4 Implementation requirement 4 Time and Cost estimates. 4 Additional Material – Context diagram. 5 System design specification for Block Chain Technology in a Hospital Management Summery In a hospital, the number of files lost due to cyber crime and poorly secured data are tremendous. Blockchain technology incorporated with system design and development provides a solution for this data problem. Data is stored withing the management’s data storage facilities such as a blockchain cloud where data is stored in decentralized systems. Blockchain technology provides data solutions for any organization and hospitals in this context. Some hospitals have embraced blockchain technology in data management to ensure that previous data breaches are neutralized and prevented. Patient information is a valuable commodity in the black market and the effects of data getting into the wrong hands will lead to crimes such as impersonation and syphoning of funds (Alshalan, 2020). This technology will ensure that such challenges are situated. System Components The proposed system contains 5 main components. They include, a decentralized blockchain system, a data managements and storage algorithm, a patient’s interface, a common cloud storage and hospitals. The blockchain system is decentralized meaning that data is stored in in 8 different blocks. This facilitates the security of data since it cannot be accessed by other users simultaneously (Pankratev, & Stotckaia, 2020). The data can only be accessed by authorized personnel after a patient makes a request. The data is then transferred into a local data storage where it can be accessed by a patient through the patient’s interface whenever he or she desires. The other component that is crucial is the common data cloud for both hospitals that use it. The data cloud provides a storage location for medical institution to store patient data. This data is accessible to patients withing any hospital under the data cloud. System Environment Blockchain technology is technology existing in an environment that is in transition from local data storage to cloud-based storage. This transition is accompanied by uncertainty from various institutions about data security. In an era where cyber crime is a rising menace in information and technology, it is advisable that organization embrace blockchain technology. In addition, processing scheduling is a command that is given to a system by a user, in this case a patient. The request upon approval allows a user to access data from a cloud-based storage system. This ensures that data is safe within the institutional cloud storage. User profiles is another important environment where user can have profiles within an organization’s system where they can make appointments and retrieve their medical data without fear of compromise. Implementation requirement The implementation of this system will require finances to facilitate completion, IT and relevant personnel to determine the compatibility of blockchain technology in the medical industry, education of personnel on the importance of the technological advancement especially the benefits of blockchain in the operations of medical records. Data collection and entry is also another implementation requirement since the data will be required from different hospitals to facilitate enforcing of the common cloud storage. Personnel training will be done by qualified individuals to ensure the trainees are competent and knowledgeable in manipulation of the system. Time and Cost estimates To facilitate proper system development the time schedule is important for maintaining track of the events. The development will involve phases including, the system design phase, the system development phase and the system implementation phase. System design involves creating an overview of the system by defining all the components. System development involves all programming processes involved in creating the software while system implementation is installing the system into an organization for use (Wagner et al, 2020) The cost of this process involves the cost for design which includes cost for acquisition of programs that will be suitable for programming and the cost for moving from local storage to cloud-based storage. Additional Material – Context diagram. Below is a context diagram for the basic outline of the blockchain system and some of the operations. References. Alshalan, A. (2020). Cyber-crime fear and victimization: An analysis of a national survey (Doctoral dissertation, Mississippi State University).Pankratev, D., & Stotckaia, A. (2020, January). Development of modules for creating an inter-machine interface of a decentralized system. In 2020 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EIConRus) (pp. 798-801). IEEE.Wagner, T. H., Yoon, J., Jacobs, J. C., So, A., Kilbourne, A. M., Yu, W., & Goodrich, D. E. (2020). Estimating Costs of an Implementation Intervention. Medical Decision Making , 0272989X20960455. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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