Assignment: Team work Creation

Assignment: Team work Creation
Assignment: Team work Creation
B. Your writing, use of citations, ability to form a logical argument, and proper APA Style, including the use of paraphrasing, will be evaluated as a measure of your interpersonal effectiveness. No response is required for “B”.
• Be sure to use APA format for your exam. All sources should be properly cited.
• You are strongly encouraged to use APA format for headings and subheadings.
• Your headings and subheadings should correspond to each of the exam questions. This helps the scorers to easily find each of your answers.
Leadership, Consultation, and Ethics
The next question addresses professional roles.
A. Describe how you would work within a professional treatment team to consult, triage, and treat this case. Include a description of the various members of the professional team with whom you would be likely to interact. Additionally, explain the roles and responsibilities of each member of the treatment team.
You can start on this answer already. Consider what professionals work together as part of a treatment team. You could identify and define the different health care professionals as well as how they will interact.
• In other words, what roles would individual team members assume, and how would they interact?
• Discuss how they specifically would work together as a team. For instance, they might have weekly meetings, phone conferences, or some combination.
Principles for Ethical Consulting
Simply put, ethics involves learning what is right or wrong, and then doing the right thing –
however, in organizational consulting, the right thing is not always easy to identify. Ethics includes
the fundamental ground rules by which we live our lives. Values that guide how we ought to behave
are considered moral values, for example, values such as respect, honesty, fairness and
responsibility. Statements around how these values are applied are sometimes called moral or ethical
Ethical consultants must have a set of principles, which defines ethical behavior and guides the
consultants’ actions toward those behaviors. This is true whether you are an external consultant or
an internal leader wanting to lead employees fairly and equally. Many times, those principles are
documented as a code of ethics. Also, consultants must be able to recognize ethical dilemmas and
have at least one tool to use to address the dilemma. Information in this subsection will help you to
develop your principles for ethical consulting, recognize ethical dilemmas and resolve those
dilemmas, as well.

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