Assignment: Techniques For Therapists Paper

Assignment: Techniques For Therapists Paper
Assignment: Techniques For Therapists Paper
A question about me is one of the best questions I always love to be asked in any platform. I believe that such a question when posed gives me a rare but crucial opportunity to describe myself for one to be able to precisely understand my aspirations, commitments and drives behind being a better citizen for self-fulfillment and creating a change in my society.
I come from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where I was rewarded a scholarship to study in USA for my master’s in psychology. Hrad work, determination and consciousness to give a nice shaping to my society are attributable to my scholarship reward. I am an advocate for effective structured counseling programs. These programs ensure that counseling services are offered in all levels of basic institutions such as family, religious and learning institutions.
Acquiring a master degree in clinical and counseling Psychology will be a great plus for me in achieving my ambitions. It will enrich me with the understanding of the dynamics in human behavior and what best approaches to embrace in pursuit of human problems.
To champion for a fruitful health mind among the people in the society, possessing good values is significant. One of the greatest is love. Love is an unconditional feeling to care for others. With love, the need for co-existence is manifested. Human beings by default are supposed to live for one another; to lift one another as opposed to pinning others down. Inculcating a healthy mental setting in people can only be achieved when love prevails in what you are doing.
I am a firm believer in empathy to enhance mutual co-existence in the society. Empathy is the ability to feel with one another when faced with challenges in life and also the capacity to come to the level of understanding of one’s point of view. Trying to get into one’s realm of problem is not only one of the ethical issues in counseling but also a great tool to unlocking people’s concerns that they consider a huge task. It changes the mental alignment of a counselee that he/she is not alone in the problem but someone else is also concerned, and together they will overcome it.
Mutual respect also plays a key role in defining me. Mutual respect involves showing respect for everyone regardless of age, color, social status and academic level. Having and showing a sense of mutual respect discriminates us from animals. It is what gives us a unique identity as human kind. Where mutual respect reigns, co-operation to serving the nation is achieved. The reward for this cooperation is that socio-cultural, economic, political and technological systems are developed and this translates to a developed society.
Being a counselor needs one to be loyal. Loyalty entails one being faithful to his/her work and the people around. The client –counselor relationship strengthens when loyalty by the two is genuine. The faithfulness enable counseling sessions to proceed well and the client gets the necessary help.

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