Assignment: Teratogen Flyer

Assignment: Teratogen Flyer
Assignment: Teratogen Flyer
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Choose one of the teratogens and create an informative flyer about it and its harms. Apart from submitting the poster, will also post it to the teratogens discussion board.
The purpose of this activity is to educate a pregnant woman on the dangers of the chosen teratogen. Students will choose one teratogen and create an informational poster using Word or PowerPoint. The poster should include images and facts/statistics regarding the teratogen.
It would appear that OBM has unprecedented potential for providing crucial data for evaluating the dollar impact of organizational interventions (Eubanks and Hayward, 1992). As a data-based approach to organizational change, evaluation is built in from the beginning of the intervention (Komaki, 1986a). Deciding what performances to target, however, and providing data that managers understand remains a problem. That is, the OBM convention of focusing on narrow definitions of small units of performance often stands in stark contrast to the prevailing verbal community of managers emphasizing “dynamic cultural change,” which is believed to be requisite to making organizations more responsive to rapidly changing environments (cf. Eubanks and Lloyd, 1992). As mentioned previously, however, Gilbert (1978; see also Rummler and Brache, 1995) has made significant inroads in this area with his concept of vantage points, which include policy and culture, as well as his notion of potential for improved performance (PIP), which can be readily converted to dollar estimates of return on investment (cf. Schneider, Monetta, and Wright, 1992). Behavioral approaches to the study of culture represent a fourth and final area we will consider wherein OBM may significantly enhance OD’s approach to increasing organizational effectiveness.
Organizational Culture Perspectives
Interest in culture within behavior analysis has been stimulated by cultural anthropologist Marvin Harris (1977, 1979, 1986, 1987). Reviews of his publications have appeared in behavioral journals (Lloyd, 1985; Lloyd and Eubanks, 1989; Vargas, 1985) and he has presented papers at meetings of the Association for Behavior Analysis (Glenn, 1991b; Harris, 1986; Penny-packer, 1987). Extensions of behavior analytic principles to cultural phenomena have emphasized contingency analysis (Glenn, 1988; Lamal, 1991), rule-governed behavior (Malott, 1988, 1992), and cultural design to address global issues (Malagodi, 1986; Malagodi and Jackson, 1989).

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