Assignment: the first cities

Assignment: the first cities
Assignment: the first cities
Assignment: What did the first cities in the Americas have in common with the first cities of Asia?
1) Anyang:
A) is one of the most extensively investigated archaeological sites in China. B) was the last capital of the Zhou dynasty. C) was mentioned in Shang texts, though it was referred to by a different name. D) was the center of a small empire about 30 miles in diameter.
2) Which of the following innovations was developed first?
A) Longshan ceramics. B) farming with domesticated animals. C) the crossbow. D) Yangshao penal code.
3) What did the first cities in the Americas have in common with the first cities of Asia?
A) use of pack animals B) use of the wheel C) use of draft animals D) use of metal tools
4) The Teotihuacaccent(a)n civilization:
A) flourished on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. B) was destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors. C) built the Pyramid of the Sun. D) never expanded more than a few miles beyond the borders of the city.
5) Tikal:
A) is located near present-day Mexico City. B) extended its influence well beyond the city boundaries. C) was notable for its lack of pyramids. D) flourished until it was destroyed by the Spanish.
6) Early urbanization in South America:
A) was not significant until about 500 C.E. B) followed a much different path than that typical in Mesoamerica. C) centered on religious shrines. D) was spurred by the high volume of trade with Mesoamerica.
7) The Popol Vuh contains the creation myth of the:
A) the Inca civilization. B) the Aztec civilization. C) Roman Catholic conquistadores from Spain. D) the Mayan civilization.
Unit 2 Examination
GED 130 Introduction to Civilization
8) The South American civilization known for its enormous “geoglyphs,” best seen in an aerial view is:
A) the Huari. B) the Tiwanaka. C) the Inca. D) the Nazca.
9) The Bantu:
A) migrated thousands of miles to southern Africa. B) were well-known for their copper-shaping skills. C) only settled regions far south of the Niger River. D) never did practice agriculture.
10) In the Niger River valley, the primary urban settlement that has been excavated suggests:
A) cities cannot develop without the pre-existence of hierarchical social organization. B) written language is fundamental for the organization of an urban center. C) the development of cities is contingent upon the development of a centralized political authority. D) that cities may develop without the need for hierarchy, centralization, government structure, or written language.
so ive to write this psy research papper in APA format with 6 pages long, a cover page, a reference page with 5 to 8 references. No personal opinions- use a minimun of one citation per paragraph in the discussion
the project must include (do not add extras)
Introduction (1 paragraph)
discussion- based on referenced material ( 5 pages total )
-Background ( 1 page)
– subtheme 1 ( 2 pages- create a appropriate header name)
– subtheme 2 ( 2 pages- create a appropriate header name )
summary ( 1 paragraph)
and must have a last page with the worked citted in apa format
the searches have to be from the attachment im sending below
my theme is about parenting sistems, authoritative and authoritarium

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