Assignment: Theories And Beliefs

Assignment: Theories And Beliefs
Assignment: Theories And Beliefs
Psychological principles are theories and beliefs about major areas of our lives, like cognitions, intelligence, social groups, habit, behavior, and many others. Let’s explore how we identify and utilize psychological principles in daily life. In a 2 page paper, please analyze the following:
How do psychological principles affect the study of the behavior of individuals and groups?
What are the parameters of behavioral deviance and its various therapies?
How do psychological principles affect the study of individual differences?
Last, explain the role of psychology in such areas as industry, complex organizations, law, and education.
This paper should be 2-3 pages in length and use APA formatting (cover page, paper body formatting, citations, and references). If you use any outside sources, please site those sources in APA citation format.
Data analysis and processing are two important tasks in todays information society The data management
becomes essential when the information is imperfect that is to say imprecise and uncertain Traditionally probability theory which is inadequate in some cases as well known see Bezdek
is used for dealing with
imperfect data In the recent past other models have been developed for handling imprecise knowledge theory
of fuzzy sets developed by Zadeh
possibility theory developed by Dubois
or uncertain
information theory of belief functions of Shafer
In this paper we deal with a classication method of
imperfect data sets using evidence theory proposed by Shafer
and Smets
in this context a new approach using neighborhood information has been developed by Denoeux
nearest neighbor of a pattern to be classied is considered as an item of evidence The resulting belief assignment
is also dened as a function of the distance between the pattern and its neighbor We propose an alternative
solution to this classication method in initializing the belief functions using information criteria This paper is
organized as follows In section entitled DEMPSTERSHAFERS THEORY we introduce notations allowing to
describe the DempsterShafers Theory of evidence Section entitled METHODOLOGY OF CLASSIFICATION
PROCESS is devoted to present the proposed methodology This work is applied to synthetic data section

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