Assignment: Theories Of Behavior

Assignment: Theories Of Behavior
Assignment: Theories Of Behavior
Theories of Behavior Timeline
PSY/420 Version 2
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Theories of Behavior Timeline
Complete the following table by reordering the theorists according to the relevant date (and providing these dates), writing at least 90 words to describe what the particular theorist was known for and a real-world application of the theory.
Name of theorist Relevant dates Description of what the theoriest is known for Real-world application of the theory
I. Pavlov
J. Locke
B.F. Skinner
J. Thorndike
W. Wundt
F. Keller
J. Watson
I. Lovaas
A. Bandura
Ogden Lindsley
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BEHAVIOURAL ASSIGNMENT. Woollard (2010, p.1), p.1) defined behaviourism as a learning theory that focuses upon the behaviour of the learner and the change inbehaviour that occurs when learning takes place. … Hence, their focus was on learning as affected by changes in behaviour.
What are the theories of behavior?
Of the many that exist, the most prevalent are learning theories, social cognitivetheory, theories of reasoned action and planned behaviour, transtheoretical model of behavior change, the health action process approach and the BJ Fogg model ofbehavior change.

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