Assignment: Therapeutic Approach

Assignment: Therapeutic Approach
Assignment: Therapeutic Approach
Theories and Models of Addiction Case Study Treatment Plan
For this assignment, you will create a Theories and Models of Addiction Case Study Treatment Plan that addresses a specific substance-related or behavioral addiction. You will select one of the case studies in the media piece, Addiction Case Studies, to use as a focus for your plan.
The assignment is comprised of two main sections: An analysis of the client and a proposed therapeutic approach describing how you would work with the client with specific interventions from one of the major theoretical orientations discussed in this class. The final Theories and Models of Addiction Case Study Treatment Plan will be a single paper, 15 pages in length, not including title page or references.
Provide a provisional diagnosis with a complete evaluation of any potential differential diagnoses, and proposed theoretical orientation with specific interventions, utilizing a theory discussed in this course. Consider theories applicable to the specific populations within which the client is situated, explain how you reached your diagnosis, and provide a compelling argument about why the selected approach is appropriate for the client. Clearly link your analysis to your selected approach. Discuss how the client is likely to respond to the therapy and identify anticipated outcomes. Be sure to cite evidence from your research and course readings to support your evaluation and choices.
To successfully complete this assignment, you will be expected to:
Identify and discuss the client’s stage of change per the transtheoretical model of change.
Identify and assess factors relevant to the client’s pattern of addiction.
Select appropriate theory and interventions of treatment for the identified client.
Assess for potential co-occurring disorders and differential diagnoses.
Provide a convincing rationale supporting the theory and interventions selected.
Evaluate a selected theory and model to determine possible course of treatment.
Describe strategies for interfacing with the legal system and working with court referred clients.
Evaluate relevant cultural considerations for the client.
Use the Theories and Models of Addiction Case Study Treatment Plan Template, linked in the Resources, for this assignment.

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