Assignment: Transracial Families

Assignment: Transracial Families
Assignment: Transracial Families
Describe the concerns held by both adoptive parents and adopted children in transracial families.
What other concerns would you add that were not discussed and why?
Explain how the concerns you discussed in the first two questions relate to the concept of double consciousness.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of race and ethnicity covering and passing.
Address how covering and passing can be used to both cause and resolve identity conflicts for both transracial adoptees and in general.Comprehensive literature reviews involve more than simply a recitation of information gleaned from other sources. Cognitively advanced reviews organize, integrate, and evaluate previously published material (Bem, 1995). As such, they clearly define and clarify the problem; summarize previous work in the area; identify relationships, contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in the literature; and suggest the next step or steps in solving the problem (APA, 1994). Through the process, writers enhance their own learning and, it has been argued, advance their capacity for critical thought (Rivard, 1994). A review of the empirical research found consistent results showing that writers who use a specific cognitive strategy in their work demonstrate higher levels of cognitive complexity than those who do not (Klein, 1999).University faculty in graduate programs often express concerns about studentsÂ’ inability to analyze, evaluate, and critically synthesize the existing research and literature (Anisfeld, 1987; Chamberlain & Burrough, 1985; Froese, Gantz, & Henry, 1998; Makosky, 1985). Jackson (1980) noted that there is a surprising lack of attention to the topic of reviewing and integrating the literature, particularly given the importance that various types of literature reviews have for the science of behavioral health. More recently, this same sentiment has been echoed in the field of marriage and family counseling, with indications that many faculty consider this lack of training for students to be a relevant problem (Piercy, Sprenkle, & McDaniel, 1996).

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