Assignment: Trauma reduction therapy program

Assignment: Trauma reduction therapy program
Assignment: Trauma reduction therapy program
During the nal 3 months of our time together we focused on nancial empowerment, reintegrating back into the community, and renewing connections with family.
While Charo met with me for counseling and case manage- ment, her children participated in a 6-month trauma reduction art therapy program for children within the agency. At the 9-month mark, we agreed to terminate services. She continued to attend the group sessions for support and found new friends who had become a support network for her. She also completed a nancial empowerment program, which further taught her how to manage her nances.
How would you advocate for social change to positively affect this case?
Mary and her family could bene t from help exploring their assumptions about race, but this was out of the scope of Mary’s initial therapy.
Were there any legal or ethical issues present in the case? If so, what were they and how were they addressed?
It is dif cult but important to respect Mary’s therapeutic process while remaining nonjudgmental about the assump- tions about race Mary and her sisters hold as truth.
How can evidence-based practice be integrated into this situation?Mary and I identi ed her PTSD symptoms in her treatment plan. We were able to measure the successes she had with speci c behavioral interventions in changing the frequency and severity of her symptoms.
Describe any additional personal reactions about this case.Mary clearly felt that she needed to trust that I would not bring my own judgments or opinions about racism into therapy. As with all trauma treatment, building a therapeutic alliance and trust was essential. We built such an alliance so she could feel safe enough to tell her traumatic story and work to assimi- late that story into her own sense of strength and resilience.
Working With Survivors of Domestic Violence
The Case of Charo
1. What specific intervention strategies (skills, knowledge,
etc.) did you use to address this client situation?
I utilized psychoeducational support groups, case manage-
ment, and solution-focused interventions.
2. Which theory or theories did you use to guide your practice?
I used learning theory and feminist empowerment and strengths-
based perspectives to guide my practice.
3. What were the identi ed strengths of the client(s)?
Charo’s many strengths included her level of resilience and being a strong advocate for her children and a support to

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