Assignment: Treatment Options

Assignment: Treatment Options
Assignment: Treatment Options
2 Full Well-Written Pages (Due Tomorrow 10/15/2018 No Later) NO PLAGIARISM
Non-evidence-based treatment— Humanistic Theory
Prior to beginning work on this journal, please read Chapter 13 in History and Philosophy of Psychology. This journal invites you to engage in creative thinking regarding the future potential for non-evidence-based treatments. Research one of the non-evidence-based treatments (Humanistic Theory) from the Chung (2012) e-book, summarize views of this treatment within its historical context, and relate these views to at least one modern theoretical perspective on psychopathology. Devise a strategy for transforming the non-evidence-based treatment into an evidence-based treatment by integrating a specific psychological theory with new or existing research.
2 Full Well-Written Pages (Due Tomorrow 10/15/2018 No Later) NO PLAGIARISM
(Due Tomorrow 10/15/2018 No Later)
Random assignment or random placement is an technique for assigning or to different groups in an experiment (e.g., ) using , such as by a chance procedure (e.g., ) or a . This ensures that each participant or subject has an equal chance of being placed in any group. Random assignment of participants helps to ensure that any differences between and within the groups are not at the outset of the experiment. Thus, any differences between groups recorded at the end of the experiment can be more confidently attributed to the experimental procedures or treatment.
Random assignment, , and are key aspects of the , because they help ensure that the results are not spurious or deceptive via . This is why are vital in , especially ones that can be and .
Mathematically, there are distinctions between randomization, , and , as well as between and . How much these differences matter in experiments (such as ) is a matter of and rigor, which affect . Studies done with pseudo- or quasirandomization are usually given nearly the same weight as those with true randomization but are viewed with a bit more caution.

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