Assignment: Treatment with neuroleptic drugs

Assignment: Treatment with neuroleptic drugs
Assignment: Treatment with neuroleptic drugs
What was the dominant way of dealing with schizophrenic people during the first half of the twentieth century?
Answer A. treatment with neuroleptic drugs
B. institutionalization
C. outpatient services
D. individual psychotherapy
.1 points
Question 15
What is the MOST accurate advice you could give someone thinking about taking traditional antipsychotic medication for their schizophrenia?
Answer A. “Although the drugs will probably work, there are significant side effects.”
B. “Although they work well, you probably won’t see the maximum results until after six months.”
C. “If you have negative symptoms of schizophrenia, you can expect better results from medication.”
D. “Try psychotherapy first; it often works just as well.”
.1 points
Question 16
Token economies developed initially because:
Answer A. behaviorists were only allowed to work with patients whose problems seemed hopeless.
B. behaviorists had tried the new antipsychotic medications with their patients and found them to be ineffective.
C. behaviorists, who were mostly nurses, wanted a way to get patients to take better care of their personal hygiene.
D. behaviorists were invited to mental hospitals because they held high status in the psychiatric community.
.1 points
Question 17
The schizophrenic symptom most likely to be relieved by antipsychotic drugs is:
Answer A. delusions.
B. flat affect.
C. lack of speech.
D. lack of purpose.
.1 points
Question 18
You have just learned that an acquaintance who is diagnosed with schizophrenia will receive a combination of drug and family therapies. What do you think?
Answer A. It’s wasting money; either form of therapy alone is as effective as the combination.
B. It’s wasting money; only the drug therapy will be effective.
C. The drug therapy is good, but would work better with milieu therapy.
D. This is good; family therapy works well along with drug therapy.
.1 points
Question 19
Which of the following provides the best support for the statement that “people with schizophrenia are now dumped in the community rather than warehoused in institutions?”
Answer A. Many schizophrenics live in single-room occupancy hotels or are homeless.
B. Government disability payments support many schizophrenics.
C. Most institutions are now closed or used for other types of patients.
D. Almost all schizophrenics are medicated, even though many experience serious side effects.
.1 points
Question 20
Which of the following drugs can cause a dangerous drop in the number of white blood cells in the body?
Answer A. haloperidol
B. clozapine
C. Thorazine
D. chlorpromazine
.1 points

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