Assignment: True of brain development

Assignment: True of brain development
Assignment: True of brain development
Question 1
1 Which of these is true of brain development?
Dendrite branching accelerates during infancy
Myelination takes place during infancy
There is an increase in synaptic connections during childhood
All of the above are true
2 points
Question 2
1 A(n) _____ is any agent that causes a birth defect
2 points
Question 3
1 According to Piaget, assimilation occurs when individuals _____
adjust their schemas to new information
incorporate new information into existing schemas
are deprived of parental warmth and sensitivity
are insecurely attached to their caregivers
2 points
Question 4
1 Which of the following is the correct sequence of the stages of prenatal development?
Conception, zygote, embryonic period, fetal period
Conception, embryonic period, zygote, fetal period
Conception, fetal period, embryonic period, zygote
Conception, fetal period, zygote, embryonic period
2 points
Question 5
1 Which theory of aging has focused on the role of chronic stress in reducing immune system functioning?
Erikson’s theory of socioemotional development
Free-radical theory
Cellular-clock theory
Hormonal stress theory
2 points
Question 6
1 Which researcher tracked individuals who had experienced bereavement, and looked at their patterns of grief?
George Bonanno
James Marcia
Ernest Becker
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
2 points
Question 7
1 Four-month-old baby Oscar is a participant in a preferential looking experiment Researchers show Oscar two photos, one of which is of his mother’s face, and the other which is of a female stranger’s face The photos are presented repeatedly in differing locations, and the amount of time Oscar spends looking at the photos is recorded What will researchers conclude if Oscar shows a reliable preference for his mother’s face over the stranger’s face?
Oscar can discriminate his mother’s face from a stranger’s face
Oscar is afraid of strangers
Oscar likes strangers as much as his mothers
Oscar can’t see very well
2 points
Question 8
1 Which of the following refers to a period of rapid skeletal and sexual maturation that occurs mainly in early adolescence?
Sensorimotor stage
Preoperational stage
2 points
Question 9
1 Which of the following represents the correct chronological sequence of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development?
Sensorimotor, preoperations, concrete operations, formal operations
Sensorimotor, concrete operations, preoperations, formal operations
Preoperations, concrete operations, formal operations, sensorimotor
Concrete operations, formal operations, sensorimotor, preoperations
2 points
Question 10
1 Which of the following is true about the concrete operational stage of reasoning?
Adolescents can conceive of hypothetical possibilities in this stage
This stage denotes ability of an adolescent to systematically deduce, or come to a conclusion about, the best path for solving the problem
A kind of abstract, logical reasoning occurs in this cognitive stage
One important skill at this stage of reasoning is the ability to classify or divide things into different sets or subsets and to consider their interrelations
2 points
Question 11
1 Benjamin loves putting together puzzles He has recently mastered putting together a 10-piece Sesame Street puzzle His mother claps at his accomplishment but wants to continue challenging Benjamin just beyond his current abilities The next time they play, she gives Benjamin a 15-piece puzzle and offers some guidance on how to sort the pieces out According to Vygotsky, Benjamin’s mother provides _____ that allows Benjamin’s cognitive abilities to be built higher and higher
2 points
Question 12
1 Juan is a child with low activity level and tends to withdraw from new situations He is inflexible, and displays low mood intensity Juan is said to have what type of temperament?
2 points
Question 13
1 Which of these is not an example of an ability that is present at birth?
Object permanence
2 points
Question 14
1 A(n)_____ is a mental framework for understanding what it means to be male or female in one’s culture
gender schema
gender diversity
gender bias
gender orientation
2 points
Question 15
1 If children cannot grasp the concept of conservation, they are unable to _____
accommodate in later life
see things from the point of view of another person
recognize that the quantity of a substance remains the same despite changes in its shape
retain earlier schemas when confronted with new experiences
2 points
Question 16
1 Neuroleptic drugs _____
are antianxiety drugs
reduce schizophrenic symptoms
effectively block serotonin activity in the brain
cure schizophrenia
2 points
Question 17
1 A therapist who uses cognitive restructuring believes that _____ are the causes of abnormal behavior
parental relationships
maladaptive beliefs
chemical imbalances
childhood experiences
2 points
Question 18
1 Which therapist is most closely associated with client-centered therapy?
Heinz Kohut
Albert Bandura
Sigmund Freud
Carl Rogers
2 points
Question 19
1 _____ treat depression by inhibiting reabsorption of serotonin in the brain
Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
2 points
Question 20
1 The therapeutic alliance is the relationship between the therapist and _____
the client
the American Psychiatric Association
the local government
other professional therapists who practice in the same state
2 points
Question 21
1 John does not have much money, but requires the help of a mental health professional He might best be served by contacting a _____
board-certified psychiatrist
self-help support group
humanistic therapist
counseling psychologist
2 points
Question 22
1 Validation, reframing, structural change, and detriangulation are techniques commonly used in _____
cognitive therapy
family therapy
behavioral therapy
2 points
Question 23
1 Lithium is commonly used to treat _____
panic attack disorder
bipolar disorder
major depression
2 points
Question 24
1 Tranquilizers are _____ drugs
MAO inhibitor
2 points
Question 25
1 According to the psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy, which of the following is an essential part of the job of a psychotherapist?
Point out inconsistencies in the patient’s thoughts and behaviors
Encourage the patient to explore his or her potential for growth
Encourage the client to assess his or her own problems through client-centered therapy
Interpret the disguised revelations of the unconscious mind to the patient
2 points
Question 26
1 One potential side effect of neuroleptic drugs is _____, a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary random movements of the facial muscles, tongue, and mouth, as well as extensive twitching of the neck, arms, and legs
tardive dyskinesia
2 points
Question 27
1 _____ is very directive, persuasive, and confrontational In contrast, _____ involves more of an open-ended dialogue between the therapist and the individual
Beck’s cognitive therapy / rational-emotive behavior therapy
Rational-emotive behavior therapy / Beck’s cognitive therapy
Client-centered therapy / behavior therapy
Integrative therapy / psychodynamic therapy
2 points
Question 28
1 Which form of treatment, developed by Moniz and used widely by Freeman, involves severing neural fibers connecting parts of the brain?
Prefrontal lobotomy
Electroconvulsive therapy
Antipsychotic disengagement
2 points
Question 29
1 A test taker of the _____ is asked to tell a story about each of the pictures, including events leading up to the situation described, the characters’ thoughts and feelings, and the way the situation turns out
Rorschach test
Thematic Apperception Test
empirically keyed test
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
2 points
Question 30
1 Gladys is a therapist who is constantly reminding her clients that people have a natural capacity for personal growth and positive qualities Gladys likely endorses the _____ of personality
psychodynamic perspective
humanistic perspective
learning perspective
trait perspective
2 points
Question 31
1 Trait theories of personality _____
state that situational factors override personal characteristics
focus on the role of the unconscious
take a more optimistic view of human nature than humanistic psychologists do

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