Assignment: Use Of Dashboards Policy Proposal Presentation

Assignment: Use Of Dashboards Policy Proposal Presentation ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Use Of Dashboards Policy Proposal Presentation The policy proposal you developed was well received by senior leadership. As a result, they have asked you to put together a presentation for one of the stakeholder groups that you identified in your proposal. Your deliverable for this assessment is a slide deck to support your presentation. You may use Microsoft PowerPoint or any other suitable presentation software. Please use the notes section of each slide to develop your talking points and reference your sources, as appropriate. Assignment: Use Of Dashboards Policy Proposal Presentation If you choose to use PowerPoint and need help designing your presentation, a link to Microsoft tutorials is provided in the Supplemental Resources. An additional PowerPoint guide is linked in the Resources. The design and organization of your presentation will determine how many slides you need. However, in this instance, senior leaders have suggested that 8–12 slides is a reasonable expectation for this presentation. PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS Note: The tasks outlined below correspond to grading criteria in the scoring guide. In your presentation, in an order that makes sense for your presentation, senior leaders have asked that you: Interpret for stakeholders the relevant benchmark metrics that illustrate the need for a change in organizational policy and practice. Provide a brief review of the metrics you are trying to improve for this stakeholder group, based on the dashboard benchmark evaluation you completed in Assessment 1. Be sure to interpret the dashboard metrics in a way that is understandable and meaningful to the stakeholder group to which you are presenting. Explain your proposed change in policy and practice guidelines and how it relates to applicable local, state, or federal health care laws or policies. What specific changes are you proposing? How will these changes help drive performance improvement? Why are policy and practice guidelines important, from an organizational standpoint? What is the overall goal of the proposed policy or practice guidelines? Explain how your proposed change in policy or practice guidelines will affect the tasks and responsibilities of the stakeholder group to which you are presenting. How might your proposal change what tasks the stakeholder group performs or how they currently perform them? How might your proposal affect the stakeholder group’s workload? Assignment: Use Of Dashboards Policy Proposal Presentation How might your proposal alter the responsibilities of the stakeholder group? How might your proposal improve working conditions for the stakeholder group? Explain how your proposed change in policy or practice guidelines will improve the quality of work and outcomes for the stakeholder group to which you are presenting. How will your proposed changes improve the group’s quality of work? How will your proposed change improve outcomes for the group? How will these improvements enable the stakeholder group to be more successful? Explain your strategies for collaborating with the stakeholder group to implement your proposed change in policy or practice guidelines. What role will the stakeholder group play in implementing your proposal? How could the stakeholder group collaborate with you and others during the implementation of your proposal? Why is the stakeholder group’s collaboration important to successful implementation of your proposal? Design your presentation to be persuasive and effective in communicating with the stakeholder group. Is your presentation logically organized, clear, and professional? PRESENTATION DESIGN Being able to effectively address any audience is a necessary leadership skill. Remember that you are the speaker, not a projectionist. Your purpose is not to present a slide show. Your audience is there to listen to what you have to say, not read your slides—or worse, listen to you read them. Design your presentation slides to compliment and reinforce your message and engage your listeners. The following tips will help you create presentation slides that work to your advantage: Focus on the content of your presentation and the development of your main points. Remember that your purpose is to deliver a message on ethics that is clear, well organized, and engaging. Consider your intended audience and how best to communicate effectively with them. Create slides that support your presentation. They should not be your presentation. Use a professional presentation template, or one used in your organization. Ensure that your slide background provides sufficient visual contrast for your text and graphics. Avoid filling your slides with text. Use speaker notes to record the details you want to communicate to your audience. Be judicious in your use of bulleted lists. Consider a separate slide for each point. Use images and graphics, when appropriate, to illustrate information and make your points. Presentation slides are a visual medium. Images are more effective than text at capturing viewers’ attention. Avoid using images that are simply decorative. They can be a visual distraction and do not contribute to your message. Avoid using flashy slide transitions and animations. They can be both distracting and annoying. Keep your slide transitions consistent throughout the presentation. Add a slide to the end of your presentation to prompt questions from the audience. AUDIO RECORDING As a health care administrator, you are expected to connect with your peers to address and solve health care issues. For this assessment, submit your presentation with recorded audio of you presenting your PowerPoint to key stakeholders in your audience. Assignment: Use Of Dashboards Policy Proposal Presentation Assignment: Use Of Dashboards Policy Proposal Presentation nhs_fp6004_millssamantha_assessment2_3.docx overview.docx policy_proposal_presentation_scoring Policy Change Samantha Mills Capella University NHS-FP6004 05/14/2019 Policy Change Importance of Benchmarking It’s always good for any health organization to conduct benchmarking to ensure efficiency in a health organization. That will help the hospital to keep records of the organization. Benchmarking will help to improve health organizations to provide better services to the patients and those who are in need. The importance of benchmarking is to help compare the performance of both the internal and external sectors. This will help to improve the managers to have improvements in their various departments hence the members can work effectively and improve on places of work. This benchmark was conducted both internally and externally. Therefore, this will help to collect data to help in comparing with other hospitals. Benchmarking will help the organization to adopt new things other organizations are embracing. Therefore, our organization through benchmarking will help to align our employees, resources and our internal systems to meet our main objectives. So, by creating the dashboard one can track the metrics and make proper adjustments. The main reason for creating a benchmark policy is to improve the services of the metrics that are discovered. Hence the Mercy Medical Center needed to change its metric on hospital incidents. This metric helps in measuring the quality of services of the patients is monitored and taken care. All patients don’t get infections, bed sores and reacting to transfusions. Therefore, this type of metric helps in monitoring and keeping track data of various patients. Hence helps in improving service delivery. Also, benchmarking will help the hospital to decrease the chances of readmission. For example, in 2015 there was a high number of patients who were readmitted because they didn’t receive better medication and proper checkup was done before discharge. Therefore, the rate had increased by 2% from the previous year. Heart failure and diabetes had the highest number of readmission cases making up to an average of 28 %. Therefore, nurses and doctor were supposed to conduct a proper checkup before discharging patients because other diseases may crop up. The only patient condition that was meeting both the federal and local readmission rate was pneumonia with a rate of 30% in 2015 (Ghazisaeidi, 2015). Assignment: Use Of Dashboards Policy Proposal Presentation Through the formation of the performance dashboard, our organization will keep track of important matters that are affecting the healthcare center. This approach will help the organization to compete locally and nationally. The dashboard will help the company to improve its service and compete with others internationally. Dashboards play significant roles in organizations. Such roles are increasing one’s awareness of the variables about the treatment of patients. When variables are not set in the database one may lose track because of the number of patients that the hospital serves. Another reason is that it will reduce variations in that all patients in the facility are able to receive proper care and able to standardize all the values across the facility. Similarly, they will be able to identify the trends and patterns in that when data is kept in a central place the organization can easily interconnect with other departments. Also, the metric will realize the members who are working and those not doing so hence ensuring accuracy in the company. Therefore, by creating the dashboard system, we can easily get reliable data which help the managers to achieve their goals (Jiménez-López et al., 2016). This will greatly improve on the services and achieve its main goal. Changes must be done in order to rectify the previous mistake that was done to ensure system delivery. Therefore, better adjustments must be done in the system to correct the mistakes. Hence the company managers try to make changes that happened previously and improve their services. Performance of the hospital was to be achieved through standardization and equality. Therefore, patient care should be the same across the facility for all the patients to enjoy. Hence by not making any changes in the system is going to delay the system delivery of the hospital because they will not have patients to attend to. This paper is going to analyze benchmarking strategies and the various ways of keeping track of different metrics in the hospital. Also, it discusses the various ways to resolve the detected underperformance benchmarks. Benchmarking challenges Metrics are expected in any organization during the benchmark process. To ensure the process is well set you must ensure to identify the problem before working finding a solution. The main problems that happen in a healthcare organization are age, cultural diversity and lack of proper documentation. Therefore, once the problems have been identified proper solutions have to be set in the facility. In order to improve the health challenges, you have to have resources. Lack of resources is the main factor as to why metrics can’t be improved. This includes insufficient or poor trained staff or lack of trained staff makes health facilities poor. Also, delay of results from labs and absence of doctors during nights and weekends. Another challenge that occurs at eagle creek hospital is lack of funds. This limits their mode of working because they have to pay for licenses and private payers to discharge patients. Therefore, for the readmission errors to be minimized in Mercy Medical Center it is necessary for the hospital to employ qualified health personnel and train them in all changes in health status. Also, the hospital should enroll in regulatory incentives that aim to minimize hospital admissions by redefining many of its rules that may be contributing to readmission errors. Ethical, Evidence-Based Strategies In order to improve the performance in a health organization, cultural diversity and age must improve so as to have better services in hospitals. Hence cultural diversity happens to be the most primary factor that must be implemented in any organization. Therefore, in order to improve the healthcare services of the facility, we must find amicable solutions to ethical values. For instance, the Mercy Medical Center facility should improve its efforts on supporting nurse ethics. Such efforts would help the nurses to follow the rules and regulations of the nurse code of ethics. Hospitals should incorporate behavior as the first thing before being employed. Similarly, a unit based on ethics is to be included in that, nurses should at least learn the importance of being ethical. To achieve this, the hospital should employ mentors who could help in teaching their colleagues on the importance of ethics (Dowding et al., 2015). Ethical strategies will help the health organization to find good solutions that will help the organization to grow. Hence the staff employed must have good skills in handling patients. Therefore, a plan must be set which will ensure the services have improved despite any cultural diversity. Equally, cultural competence must be addressed to improve the ethical goals. Environmental Strategies to Improve Health Sector The facility should incorporate the environmental factors that will help the hospital to offer better services to the community. Mercy Medical Center’s main goal is to offer safety and quality services to its patients. Environmental factors should also be considered to improve their health. For example, when the environment gets limited access to clean water and sanitation, it increases the chances of having patients with waterborne diseases such as diarrhea. This problem hinders the hospital services and hence endangering the patients. In such a case, the hospital, community and the hospital should find a solution to the problem. Managers, nurses, doctors, and the government should be all included in implementing the policies to improve the health sector activities. By this approach, every sector is supposed to contribute in various ways to improve the health services in Mercy Medical Center. Thus, Mercy Medical Center has greatly incorporated with other local hospitals and local governments, so they have shared the responsibility to achieve goals as far as health issues are concerned. The local governments are in charge of funding initiates that have been started by the hospital so as to help patients from the surrounding. The local government should aid and provide that will help patients to get better medical services (Shamian, Kerr, Laschinger, & Thomson, 2016). After all those bodies working together they can achieve goals concerning the health sector. Also, to achieve better goals, other hospitals should be included during the benchmarking process. Conclusion In conclusion, benchmarking is a critical thing to conduct. It needs a lot of attention and time. Benchmarking at Mercy Medical Center has ensured that health standard has improved over time. Therefore, doing it will ensure that all services in Mercy Medical Center have greatly improved. Although the hospital has been performing well, the changes must be done and incorporated according to the benchmarked experiences. So, by eliminating the failures and errors, the facility can achieve its targeted goal and objectives. References Dowding, D., Randell, R., Gardner, P., Fitzpatrick, G., Dykes, P., Favela, J., … & Currie, L. (2015). Dashboards for improving patient care: review of the literature. International journal of medical informatics , 84 (2), 87-100. Ghazisaeidi, M., Safdari, R., Torabi, M., Mirzaee, M., Farzi, J., & Goodini, A. (2015). Development of performance dashboards in healthcare sector: key practical issues. Acta Informatica Medica , 23 (5), 317. Shamian, J., Kerr, M. S., Laschinger, H. K. S., & Thomson, D. (2016). A hospital-level analysis of the work environment and workforce health indicators for registered nurses in Ontario’s acute-care hospitals. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research Archive , 33 (4). Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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