Benefits and Risks of Antibiotics Essay

Benefits and Risks of Antibiotics Essay Benefits and Risks of Antibiotics Essay Advantages and Dangers of Antibiotics Introduction Producers face many problems in today’s practice. One of the problems concerns the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock feed. There are several advantages and risks to this use. These problems not only affect livestock industry but can also be seen on a larger scale in general. This article outlines the strengths and weaknesses of this problem. Antibiotics have been approved for use in livestock feed for over 30 years.Benefits and Risks of Antibiotics Essay Antibiotics – There are many advantages to using antibiotics in agriculture; they promote growth and are essential for the treatment of animal infections. However, antibiotics are used in excess, and are often used as part of intensive agriculture to prevent infection and promote growth. This caused antibiotic tolerance and resulted in new “superbacteria” ingested by humans during food intake. These “super bugs” can cause human infections, which can adversely affect health. Researchers all over the world are alerting farmers to greatly reduce the amount of antibiotics used in agriculture to avoid the crisis. You can find great articles here to explain the problem through the British National Health Service article. Permalink: benefits-and-ris…ntibiotics-essay / ? In the fields of science and technology and industry there are many new developments that bring about benefits and risks to the environment and human health. These include nanotechnology, genetic modification of animals and plants, antibiotic resistance, threats to food safety, and the growing biofuel market. Protection of ecosystems and endangered species, problems related to animal experiments, and many years of challenges remain.Benefits and Risks of Antibiotics Essay It will develop further. In order to cope with these problems in a responsible way, we study the relationship between human health and the environment to involve participants in multiculturalism, society, community forum, academic conference, legislative debate etc. We must continue the scrutiny of the fair and democratic public of. Economic, philosophical and scientific viewpoint In our review, we have found that the use of antibiotics in edible animals is common, but its characteristics are bad. Furthermore, in existing research, the risks to human health and the benefits of animal production are not well studied. We also found that there is a lack of consistency between domestic policies and international policies. The following sections outline the current literature on the nature and extent of the use of antibiotics in edible animals and the epidemiological relationship between the use of antibiotics in food animals and the resistance of humans. Next, I will outline the complicated risk analysis framework necessary to solve this problem. Finally, we reviewed major policy and regulatory recommendations at home and abroad.Benefits and Risks of Antibiotics Essay Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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