Bone Cancer Etiology and Pathogenesis Research

Bone Cancer Etiology and Pathogenesis Research ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Bone Cancer Etiology and Pathogenesis Research I need you to write only the discussion part not the full essay the subject is Bone cancer Discussion and Analysis: Etiology and pathogenesis In the attachments you will find a file, do only the highlighted lines attachment_1 PATHOPHYSIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA AND GUIDELINES For the purpose of passing pathophysiology course students are required to submit this assignment in groups, Please follow the given instructions; This written assignment is for 15%. Students will be divided into groups and each group will be assigned a topic about a neoplastic disorder of any body system. The text book will provide a foundation for a more extensive study of the assigned topic area. This will often involve finding detailed information about a theory or research. The students are expected to submit a written paper on the topic in 23/6/2020. Plagiarism (copy work of others) is not allowed and according to school policy any student commit plagiarism for more than 20% will consider cheating and marked Zero. Please refer to school Plagiarism Policy attached. Guidelines for writing the assignment: Assignment should include; Introduction, Body, Conclusion Reference list Assignment should be typed, one sided, double spaced, size (12), 5-7 paged excluding the cover page and references. Use at least 3 nursing/health related literature. Use of APA or Harvard formatting within paper and for the references. The sheets should be stapled and no colors, folders, or drawings should be used for this assignment Students must comply with the deadline. Any delays will be panelized by deducting (0.5 mark) for each day. If the delay exceeds one week without an excusable reason, the student will get an (F) grade. Cover Sheet: The cover sheet should include the school name, the title of the paper, students’ names, date of submission, and teacher’s name Criteria for evaluating the assignment Content Marks Obtained Comments Cover sheet /1 Introduction /4 Discussion & Analysis Definition of the disorder Etiology and pathogenesis Clinical Manifestations Medical and Nursing Management /8 /8 /8 /10 Conclusion /2 Appropriate use of literature /5 Organization of content Appropriate use of APA format /2 /2 Total marks /50 x 15 Plagiarism: Refer AFMSS policy for plagiarism Late submission: Refer to AFMSS late submission of assessment Task policy Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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