Case Assignment: Revenue Generators

Case Assignment: Revenue Generators
Case Assignment: Revenue Generators
Case Assignment: Revenue Generators
Discussion Part Two As revenue generators, NPs must be aware of how their work contributes to the overall revenue of the clinical practice. You see 20 patients per day on average, and take call every third weekend. According to Buppert (2011), an NP who sees 15 patients per day at $56 per patient visit, on average, brings in $840 per day. Allowing 1 week off for continuing education, 1 week off for illness, and 4 weeks off for vacation, this NP will bring in $193,200 a year, potentially. However, not all bills are paid. With a 90% collection rate—a reasonable collection rate for an efficient practice—this NP actually will bring in $173,800 per year. An NP who sees 24 patients per day will bring in $1344 per day, or $309,120 per year in accounts receivable. With a 90% collection rate, this NP will bring $278,208 to the practice (Buppert, 2011). Discussion Question: In this scenario, what are you “worth” to the practice? Use logical reasoning and provide evidence based rationales for your decisions. Keep in mind that your negotiation terms and conditions must be within the legal scope of practice for an ANP.
Definition: Revenue Generation
Revenue generation is a process by which company plans to market and sell its products/services in order to generate income.
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Revenue target and plans to achieve it is a C- level activity. It involve some or all of the following activities:
• Defining corporate goals such as revenue target for financial year
• Aligning the current corporate strategy with the goals
• Making sure that the strategy can be implemented by creating an organization structure in line with the long term goals
• Implementing best practices and lean methods where applicable
• Using metrics to track the development and make adjustments accordingly
• Documentation for learning and improvement
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