CNMCC 44 Year Old Co Worker Story on Coping with Cancer Patient Interview Project

CNMCC 44 Year Old Co Worker Story on Coping with Cancer Patient Interview Project CNMCC 44 Year Old Co Worker Story on Coping with Cancer Patient Interview Project ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS Unformatted Attachment Preview Patient Interview Project Purpose: Learn firsthand from an ”expert” who has “lived experience” with a medical condition Understand how a disease can affect a person’s life, finances, relationships, and well being Get some interview and analysis experience Common conditions: Cancer, Covid-19, Diabetes, COPD, MS, stroke, TBI, kidney dialysis, serious injury, ulcer Also: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, TBI, addiction, ADHD Format: 1 )Choose a qualifying survivor of an illness/condition (chronic or acute) 2) Interview using the procedure below to fill in the info you gather Four sections to fill out, 3 with your interviewee, 1 for you Allow the person to add any personal info they want, of course 3) Post on Discussion Board– feel free to use bullet points and lists, then use normal sentences for commentary in part 4. 4) Send a thank you note to the interviewee – describe what you learned from them of value, how you might use it, give positive feedback about interview and their resilience. Note: Snail mail is preferred for this step to make it more personal You might also choose to treat them in some small way as a thank you gesture. Part 1: Background Description Demographics: Age, marital status, ethnicity, gender identification Geo area where they live, urban or rural ? Psychosocial: Family info Friends and social groups Hobbies, recreation How did you choose this person ? Note: Please do not use your interviewee’s actual name or even initials to keep them “anonymous”. Please do give a general idea of their place in life and relation to you – i. e.CNMCC 44 Year Old Co Worker Story on Coping with Cancer Patient Interview Project college student, grandmother, uncle, co worker, caregiving client, babysitter’s mother, etc. Part 2: Describe Illness/Treatment Name of condition/disease Duration of illness, date diagnosed When did they first know they had it ? How did they approach getting medical help ? What diagnostic procedures were done ? What were they like ? What treatment choices did they make ? What were those like ? Are any difficult to remember or contend with ? What was the at home medical regimen recommended ? What habit changes did they have to make to address the illness ? How are they doing now ? What is their medical follow-up ? Were any aspects of dealing with the medical system hard ? Part 3: Illness Experience: Lessons Learned What did they learn which they wish they might have known at the start ? Have they made any long lasting lifestyle changes ? What did they learn on their own, which might benefit other patients with this same condition ? What do they wish to pass onto PH 401 Students who are future PH or healthcare professionals ? Did they develop or uncover strengths they did not know they had through this experience ? How did their condition affect their finances ? How did their condition affect their relationships ? How did their condition affect their work and/or hobbies? Part 4: Your Summary & Analysis Describe what learned of value from the person Especially that which might help you in your future work What surprised you ? What impressed you ? What barriers did they have to accessing care and then to management of their condition ? What strengths and resources did they apply to cope that you noticed ? Any rewards, negative reinforcements, punishments ? Any diary keeping ? Any coaching ? Anything you can recommend in terms of habit change for them as a PH student ? Anything you would like to take forward to remember in helping people who have medical conditions ? Helpful to Dr. M: How did you find this assignment ? Was it hard to find someone ? Any suggestions for me for future classes ? … Purchase answer to see full attachment Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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