Computerized Physician Order Entry Discussion

Computerized Physician Order Entry Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Computerized Physician Order Entry Discussion Please read all the instructions for Assignment part #2. I also attached assignment #1 because assignment part 2 is combined with assignment part #1. Please read carefully in order to right all the information was asked. Also, use only APA 7th edition. Computerized Physician Order Entry Discussion MY Topic is : Computerized physician order entry. nursing_informatics.docx assignment_part_1__nur I have provided you detailed information regarding my Assignment including rubric. Please read all the instructions. I have given you some articles. You can use these one Assignment # 2 Scholarly Paper – 7 to 8 pages, all doubled spaced (excluding title page and reference page) Based on your topic and feedback from assignment #1, create a scholarly paper detailing the position you have taken on the issue in your thesis statement. The final polished paper is to be 7-8 pages excluding cover page and references on a topic/issue/construct related to informatics/eHealth and nursing. You must include a minimum of 5 scholarly references in the literature review part of your paper . More may be needed in other sections to support statements of fact. In your paper, be sure to develop a position or argument OR analyze a topic/issue/construct so that the reader develops a balanced understanding of it, i.e. go beyond just a description of the topic and support it with evidence/references. Computerized Physician Order Entry Discussion Your final paper should contain the following: Introduction, thesis statement (not separately identified, include as part of the introduction), objectives or purpose of the argument or analysis and its relevancy to nursing. Describe ‘the plan’ as to how the paper will be organized. Significance of the topic Literature review (include minimum 5 scholarly sources) Philosophical or theoretical underpinnings Discussion section with 2-3 subtopics. *** This should be the main focus of your paper. General discussion of topic/issue/construct with references to literature from your literature review and other sources of evidence to support your argument or analysis Implications for nursing Conclusion *** Please note that the literature review and the discussion sections are TWO different sections. Please do not combine them . Your paper will be evaluated on a number of different dimensions, including the following: Importance of the topic to the profession of nursing Originality of ideas and arguments Quality of argument and analysis, including use of supporting literature and evidence Overall persuasiveness of the implications and conclusions APA and grammar. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL PAPERS MUST FOLLOW APA 7TH EDITION . Assignment #2 Rubric Description Rubric Detail Levels of Achievement Criteria Points Topic and Introduction 0 to 3 points Thesis statement and topic are clearly stated in the first paragraph Significance of the topic and the relevancy to nursing is described. All of the above supported by appropriate references. Literature Review 0 to 6 points Sufficient review and description of the literature Use of primary sources evident that are current/relevant Five + references used (including research journals and other refereed articles). Discussion, Theory, Nursing Implications and Conclusion 0 to 12 points General discussion containing subtopics that argue your thesis statement and support your topic (referenced). THIS IS THE MAIN COMPONENT OF YOUR PAPER. Philosophical or theoretical underpinnings identified/described and linked to the topic/thesis statement. Implications for nursing described. Closing paragraph summarizes main ideas discussed. Computerized Physician Order Entry Discussion Grammar, APA and Organization 0 to 4 points Vocabulary is accurate, clear, and appropriate. Correct grammar/spelling/punctuation is used Components of the paper relate to one another and follow logical sequence Transitions are smooth throughout the paper The paper is within the specified page limit The paper is neatly presented Sources of information and ideas of others are documented using APA format title and reference page present and formatting as per APA. Safe Assign report completed and ALL sources properly noted as intext citations and on the reference page as per APA. Refeences : Rouayroux, N., Calmels, V., Bachelet, B., Sallerin, B., & Divol, E. (2019). Medication prescribing errors: a pre- and post-computerized physician order entry retrospective study. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy , 41 (1), 228–236. . Mummadi, S. R., & Mishra, R. (2018). Effectiveness of provider price display in computerized physician order entry (CPOE) on healthcare quality: a systematic review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association , 25 (9), 1228–1239. . Contratto, E., Romp, K., Estrada, C. A., Agne, A., & Willett, L. L. (2017). Physician Order Entry Clerical Support Improves Physician Satisfaction and Productivity. Southern Medical Journal , 110 (5), 363–368. . Connelly, T. P., & Korvek, S. J., (2020). Computer provider order entry. StatPearls Publishing. Fishbein, D., Samant, M., Safavi, N., Tory, S., Millar, E., & Solomon, S. (2020). Physician experience with Electronic order sets. Healthcare Quarterly, 23, 14-23. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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