Coordination of Health Care Presentation

Coordination of Health Care Presentation
Coordination of Health Care Presentation
As a graduate student and health care administrator, you must be able to do research on a pressing subject or scenario and deliver your results persuasively.
For this Assignment, as well as the Discussion in this module, you will investigate the continuum of care that a patient may require and the resources that are available in your area to assist the patient.
Please keep in mind that you will be sharing part of the information for this Assignment with your colleagues during the Module 3 Discussion.
Take thorough notes as you perform the following procedures to prepare the content for your presentation.
Examine the information in the Learning Resources about the continuum and coordination of health services, especially the HIMSS resource, Continuum of Care, and the tables in Chapter 1 of the course text.
Create a brief description of a fictional adult patient who is suffering from a significant health issue or injury.
Assume this patient resides in your neighborhood.
If you are a foreign student, you may select a geographic area in the United States or your own location.
Use the relevant information in Chapters 7, 8, 9, and/or 10 of the Shi & Singh textbook, as well as extra research, to assess specific services your hypothetical patient could require, beginning with the onset or diagnosis of a disease or injury and continuing with a point of your choice (i.e., recovery, symptom management, end of life).
Investigate the types of organizations that supply those services as well.
Look into the health-care groups in your neighborhood.
Choose four or five actual settings where your hypothetical patient would receive care based on the services he or she requires.
Next, acquire information about the forms of insurance that each organization takes payment from.
In most cases, this would encompass Medicare, Medicaid, and various insurance programs.
What difficulties do you believe your patient may face in terms of payment for services?
Examine the resource from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2014) and discuss what it means for health care to be safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.
Analyze how the scenario you created—with your hypothetical patient receiving care from actual settings in your geographic area—illustrates good or negative characteristics associated to two or more of the Institute of Medicine’s six goals.
Next, be ready to design your PowerPoint presentation.
Examine the Presentation Guidelines and Tips and the Module 3 Assignment Template, all of which can be found in the Learning Resources for this module.
The Project
Download and save the Module 3 Assignment Template from the Learning Resources section of this module.
Create a succinct and interesting PowerPoint presentation using the template.
Include the following items:
The title slide
7–9 slides* of introduction in which you introduce the patient, health problem/injury, and geographic area.
Describe the continuum of care, including particular services from four or five different venues in your community.
Describe a potential payment for services challenge that this patient may face.
Explain how this case exemplifies positive or bad characteristics connected to two or more of the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) six goals.
*Sources for the slide
List all resources (at least four) that were used to create your presentation.
*To create a professional presentation, use the design concepts outlined in Presentation Guidelines and Tips.
To present information on your content slides, use a combination of text, photographs, graphs, maps, connections to websites, color contrasts, and/or other visual components.
Create a few phrases of presenter notes to go with each slide that support (rather than repeat) the information provided visually.
Your presentation must be written in well edited standard English.
Make sure to cite specific citations from this module’s Learning Resources and other academic sources as needed.
Additional requirements for research and scholarly writing/presentation can be found in the rubric in the Course Information section.
Due at 1 p.m. cst

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