Cultural Diversity Assignment 

Cultural Diversity Assignment Cultural Diversity Assignment How humans are affected by their worldview: e.g. ethnicity, race, religion, gender, age.. Social hierarchy and power has a deep affect on society, and those who live in it.Cultural Diversity Assignment Essay Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the principles and the concept of culture and diversity that affect the whole community. I select a book on the ethnicity of Afghanistan that is written by a writer Khaled Hosseini (Hosseini, 2003). The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, takes on the subject of ethnic and racial discrimination in Afghanistan with a case of the Pashtuns and Hazaras’ relationship. The Hazaras are discriminated by the Pashtuns who have total control on Afghanistan for centuries. Hazara are Shia Muslims while the Pashtuns are Sunni Muslims, the same as the Taliban (Ronny 2004)Cultural Diversity Assignment Essay In Afghanistan there are many ethnic groups. Two main groups are Pashtuns and Hazaras. Ethnical groups in those regions are ranked as in terms of their status in the country. The Pashtuns consider themselves as the higher rank and are in power. Pashtuns are Sunni Muslim and are the majority group while Hazaras are Shia Muslims who are only a small percentage of the entire Muslim race in Afghanistan (Hosseini 2003). ORDER A CUSTOMIZED PAPER HERE Short Summary The Kite Runner studies a complete field of discrimination. By being kind towards the Hazara people, Amir’s grandfather makes an example for Amir’s father, despite the fact that they have been degraded and oppressed throughout the history. He raised Ali in his household which sets an example for Baba (Amir’s father), who in turn following his father’s example does the same for Hassan. Baba is a wealthy and reputed person (Sherman 2006). Baba has a dark secret that he has a relation with the Ali’s wife (Hussan’s mother), and Hussan is an illegitimate son of Baba. Though there is a complication on this kindness as Hassan is in real his own son. At their house were best intentions are considered for everyone, the discrimination between Pashtuns and Hazaras can be seen clearly. Even though Baba calls Ali his family, Ali lives in a small hut and does the house chores. He also raised Hassan to do the same. Hassan’s identity as only a servant is really strong even as an adult, when Baba and Amir are gone; he has no sense of power or privilege. He remains in the hut and continues with the house chores. When Hassan dies fighting for Baba’s house, he does so not because thinks that the house belongs to him, but he does so because he is being faithful and loyal to Baba and Amir (Hosseini 2003). Cultural Context The discrimination due to the power can also be seen between the Amir and Hassan at numerous times. An example can be taken during the times when the boys sit under a pomegranate tree where Amir reads different stories to Hassan, who is a captivating audience.Cultural Diversity Assignment Essay Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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