Discussion: Analysis of delays in construction

Discussion: Analysis of delays in construction Discussion: Analysis of delays in construction please check the attachment its containing the requirements for the assignment the assignment is about getting literature review the assignment should be 0% plagiarism. Discussion: Analysis of delays in construction m.z_literature_reviw.docx Required literature review for Analysis of delays in construction of residential villas / civil Engineering program Project title: Analysis of delays in construction of residential villas in Bausher It is Graduation Project/ civil Engineering. Required Literature review only. My project should include minimum 15 previous related studies with approximately 20 pages, can be little more or less. Some related examples for the previous studies are listed below. 1-how dealing of project effect at the completing of project 2-what are the couses at made the delaying 3-how we can solve the dealing problems 4-same of the recover planning that studies he us it Note 1: not necessary to follow above topics if not available, they are only examples, any related studies can be added. Every previous study should include 2 main things, 1- What the study talk about and how he / she did it. 2- What are the outcomes of the study. Note 2: all references must be in Harvard style. * Here is my project summary, it may be useful to understand the required related studies. We are Al-Sarah Modern L.L.C main office at ghala has been sign a new contract of residential twin villa at bousher heights . Our project starting date was 01/01/2014 to 01/01/2016 . Any delaying in time from the contractor , a penalty of 0.001% from the main contract value per day . Our aim from this project is to talk about the reasons of delaying the project 6 month from the date of completion with solutions to be done for the next projects Before the project start date we made planning for the project to see the progress of our work but due to some issues we faced a lot of problems which start showing the delaying of our planning program for the site . The main problems that we faced are soil type of the ground which causes changing the structural drawings. changing some of the designs as per the request of the client , delaying of finishing material from client , climate changes , delaying of payments , labour productivity . From the first problem that we faced which was the type of soil which was loose, therefore it was so difficult to make isolated footing as per the drawing design from the consultant , so we started to make the recovery planning to fulfil the gap of time that we lost at the beginning of the project , and upon finishing from the first problem we faced another problem where client wanted to change some of the design and additional work to be done at site . As a result, we will talk about these issues that made delay to our project. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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