Discussion: Business Model canvas

Discussion: Business Model canvas ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Business Model canvas Using the Osterwalder and Pigneur text as a resource (coupled with the other resources of the course), examine and discuss the observable patterns, designs, and strategies seen in your business model. You should also integrate metaphors (Morgan’s) and framing (Bolman & Deal) into the discussion of your organization/business. This paper will serve as an investigative tool to inform you further about your business model so that you will be prepared to comprehensively diagnose/assess your model and propose recommendations in your final project for the course. You could say that this week’s work lays the groundwork for moving into the substantive diagnosis and assessment expected in your final paper. You may also benefit from conducting an Internet search of the Business Model Canvas to become comfortable with how it works, particularly in the investigation of patterns, design, and strategy. There are also various YouTube-type videos on the web that demonstrate the use of the canvas for this phase of your work with your canvas. Discussion: Business Model canvas Instructions: Write a 600-750 word paper in APA format that presents your conclusions about the pattern(s), design(s), and overall business strategy depicted by your canvas. Metaphoric and framing applications should also be discussed. The paper should be written in third person and is not reflective (first person not acceptable). A title page and references page with a minimum of three sources is required (no abstract needed). attachment_1 Road Widener LLC Business Model Canvas: Foray into japan Value Proposition: Efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable machinery that successfully solves the safety problem on un-widened roads; and can be adapted to other similar situations, such as for construction and landscaping-oriented companies and organizations. Key Partners: Caterpillar Komatsu CNH Global Key Activities: The key activities we identified as the most important for the success of RoadWidener transitioning into doing business in Japan entail: First and foremost, it is imperative to manufacture the product. We must understand how to manage the distribution in an efficient manner. We must acquire contracts for RoadWidener projects to diversify our opportunities. It is of the utmost importance to facilitate & manage profitable relationships with key partners (CNH Global, Caterpillar, Komatsu). We must cultivate brand equity, grow brand recognition, and develop brand image to maximize our success in the global workplace. As a team, we need to understand the necessity in properly identifying our activities and goals strategically in order to profitably expand our business. Customer Relationships: Our Company wants to launch a particular and demonstrative relationship with our customers, instead of only an automated one. We will have customer representatives in each region dedicated to each customer, and in doing so, our goal is to boost sales and retain customer loyalty. Also, in order to inculcate a deeper connection between the company and our customer base, we will participate in and sponsor local charity events within our customers’ communities. In order to maintain a quality product that is always improving, we will gather feedback from customers by creating an organized customer feedback system through emails, surveys, and exploratory interviews where we focus on user attitudes and inquire about user habits. Customer Segments: Our customer segments will include municipalities/governments, construction companies, and construction/architectural organizations in developing countries. Not only are we targeting businesses, but we are also targeting townships, cities, counties, and organizations. Although these customers have different profit abilities as well as different types of relationships, they also exhibit similar needs and problems, which is why we are targeting our product to such a broad market. Key Resources: Notable key resources of our business model entail: Raw materials suppliers Intellectual capital Project engineers Human capital Our group identified these resources as the most important for the success of our business because they require us to focus the majority of our time and energy upon; as key resources, we make it a priority to connect the above to the proper individuals most affluent in said areas. Channels: Construction company partner channels Company website Publicity in industry Cost Structure: The key cost structure we deemed the most important for the success of RoadWidener transitioning into doing business in Japan include: 2,605,937.00 yen; ($23,000-$27,000) per unit attachment (At current currency exchange rates) Marketing & PR Firms overseas Supply of raw materials Manufacturing overhead costs As our company shall be dealing in Japanese yen instead of US dollars it shall be important to always keep in mind exchange costs when buying and selling as well as whether or not to import materials if costs increase too drastically. Part of our cost structure plan is to employ teams of Marketing and PR personnel across Japan who is capable of grasping the local market swiftly and efficiently as the majority of our US staff most likely has little to no experience in such fields. In order to fulfill our raw material needs required to create the RoadWidener we plan to outsource the manufacturing to partners in Japan but additionally back our manufacturing overhead through our global funds. Revenue Streams: The key revenue streams we deemed the most important for the success of RoadWidener transitioning into doing business in Japan include: Product sales Consulting services Strategic partnerships Discussion: Business Model canvas Contracting services Product engineers/mechanics . Memorandum To: Professor Jan Spencer From: Olufemi Ogundare Date: February 19, 2017 Subject: Lessons Learned from phase 1 of Business Model Generation This was a bit of a challenge creating a business Model Canvas for Road widener and I must say I did some extensive research on this particular machinery and its competition. Our company decided to focus on these various revenue streams as a way to reach out to a wider audience and simultaneously increase Road widener’s new footprint in Japan. First of all we have product sales, which account for basic sale of Road Widener to our customers. This is followed by our plan to create a consultation service for Road Widener so as to maximize the efficiency of our product for all clients in our potential market area. Additionally, we shall create strategic partnerships with CNH Global as our main partner, and offer the product for association with also Caterpillar, and Komatsu, so as to sell our product to a greater market; along with the necessary components for the product’s proper use. Next, we plan to offer a contracting service to our customers with limited resources, where we offer to perform the necessary services with the Road Widener product, and finally we plan to hire and train engineers and mechanics that shall perform repairs and improvements to our product as necessary. We will welcome feedback from all parties involved pertaining to the betterment of our product. Discussion: Business Model canvas Very Respectfully Olufemi Ogundare Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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