Discussion: Community Health Assessment

Discussion: Community Health Assessment ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Community Health Assessment I need two responses, one for each peers. I need at least 6 paragraphs, 3 for each peers. I also need 4 references, 2 for each peers. The format has to be APA. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, the responses are going to be checked by the professor by Turnitin to detect plagiarism. Florida National University NUR4636 Week 2 Community Health Assessment attachment_1 attachment_2 ? Community Health Assessment / Windshield Survey Rony Marino Florida National University Nursing Department BSN Program NUR 4636 – Community Health Nursing Prof. Eddie Cruz, RN MSN September 12, 2019 Introduction Community health assessment is the process of collecting and analyzing information about the health of a particular community to identify factors that influence the health of that community (Agarwal et al., 2016). The process is significant because after identifying those factors, resources are gathered to address those factors, therefore, helping to improve the wellbeing of that community. The process of collecting information can be done by a community health board or other qualified leading organizations. The data is shared to the governments and other legal governing bodies in a state that assists in providing resources that will bring health improvements in that community. Community assessment can be done through a Windshield Survey. It is a method of obtaining necessary information about a particular population by community health nurses (Bauld et al., 2018). This method is informal, but it helps to provide subjective views about various physical characteristics of a community observed from a distance. The present document is covering assessments based on my city where I live, and the zip code is 33025 in Miramar, Florida. Community Health Assessment / Windshield Survey A community is a social group of people living together in a specific geographical area with a common agenda, leadership, religion, traditions, occupation or governed by the same laws and regulation (Mitchison et al., 2918). Community assessment is significant because it helps to bring health improvements in a community, thus assisting to increase life expectancy for the people living in that locality. A community can be classified into three types which include location-based communities, identity-based communities and organizational based communities. Location-based communities consist of village, suburb, city town or nation. National boundaries delineate these communities. Identity-based communities are those that give people identity, and they include ethnic groups, religion, culture or global community. Organizational communities are those organized formally like economic enterprises, family, political decision-makers or professional associations. Miramar, zip code 33025, is located in Broward County in Florida. The city started as a bedroom community for workers in Miami. It was developed by Mailman who built 56 homes and sold them to workers at a low price. The city grew big in 1953 and was named Miramar, a Spanish word that means look at the sea. It has a population of 68450 with a population density of 6451 per square mile (Rajput, 2019). The median age is 33.2, with 2.8 persons per household. 46.2 percent of married people, 12.8 are divorced, 33 percent are coupled with no children and 26.8 have children but single. 48.2% 0f the total population are people from the black race, 11.9% white, 4.4% are Asians, and 33.4% are of Hispanic ethnicity. A healthy community is very significant because healthy people can comfortably work and earn income to support themselves, their families and friends. A healthy community can be achieved through living healthy lifestyles like eating balanced diets, regular workouts to keep the body fit, regular checkups and readily available health centers that are well equipped with resources to provide treatments to patients (Rossi, Lipsey & Henry, 2018). Community health is also achieved through regular assessments by health practitioners because it aids in identifying the needs of the people. For instance, through assessment, the assessors will be able to find out regular infections suffered by the people, nutrients required, and therefore they will get solutions to these problems. Also, assessments help organizations to come up with a community health improvement plan which is a long-term solution to public health problems that is based on the data and information collected from community health assessment activities. From the department of health website, it can be noticed that many people living Miramar are health because of several reasons. One of the reasons is that the community has several hospitals well equipped with the necessary resources (Hodge et al., 2019). The health centers have different departments that deal with different patients. For instance, the department of preventive and promotive health that deals with the prevention of diseases, for example, administering vaccinations. Department of curative and rehabilitation which deals with managing treatments to sick people. Other departments include planning and health financing, quality assurance and regulations, among others. All these departments have worked together to promote good health for the people living in Miramar. Florida National University NUR4636 Week 2 Community Health Assessment Addressing a community as a client is very important because it ensures that the health of all people living in a particular area is taken care uniformly regardless of the people’s differences. Therefore, the concept of a community as a client refers to a population that is focused by nurses to be provided with health services (Kumar, 2019). These services provided by nurses comprise of a series of systematic actions applied to a community to help people to achieve their optimal level of healthiness. For nurses to achieve their goal, they usually carry out assessments, diagnosis, planning, implementations and evaluations (Hyett et al., 2016). The health of a community is reflected in its status, structure, and process. Status includes factors like morbidity and mortality rates, education levels, crime rates, and economic heights. Things that are considered in structures include factors like readily available quality services and resources. Finally, the process looks at how well a community function regarding its strengths and limitations. A community may be classified regarding its location, for instance, vegetation, climate or boundaries. It can also be classified as a population because of its diversity, academic members or age and finally as social systems because of schools, businesses, religious organizations, communications, among others. Therefore, when addressing a community as a client is comfortable to develop a community health improvement plan compared to when dealing with individuals. For example, assessing a city as a client, nurses can identify the kind of medical health services that are required by a particular community. The central vision for Healthy People 2020 initiative is to have a society whereby people live long and enjoy healthy lives regardless of their class. To achieve the vision, several leading health indicators should be addressed one of them being pollution. Environmental pollution is among the leading causes of many diseases t humans (De Vriendt et al., 2016). Nurses and other stakeholders should work collaboratively with community agencies to educate people about preventions and risks associated with pollutions. Another leading health indicator is the abuse of drugs like tobacco. Florida National University NUR4636 Week 2 Community Health Assessment Conclusion Community assessment is the process of collecting and analyzing data and information about the health status of a population living in an area. Nurses and other stakeholders have a great responsibility in carrying out assessments because, through them, they can identify health challenges encountered by people living in a locality and thus they can provide the required solution. Assessments also play a great role when dealing with a community as a client. Finally, community assessments help researchers to come up with solutions to specific diseases, therefore, playing a great role in towards the achievement of the 2020 vision. References Agarwal, G., Angeles, R., Pirrie, M., Marzanek, F., McLeod, B., Parascandalo, J., & Dolovich, L. (2016). Effectiveness of a community paramedic-led health assessment and education initiative in a seniors’ residence building: the Community Health Assessment Program through Emergency Medical Services (CHAP-EMS). BMC emergency medicine, 17 (1), 8. Bauld, L., Chesterman, J., Davies, B., & Judge, K. (2018). Caring for older people: an assessment of community care in the 1990s . Routledge. De Vriendt, P., Peersman, W., Florus, A., Verbeke, M., & Van de Velde, D. (2016). Improving health related quality of life and independence in community dwelling frail older adults through a client-centered and activity-oriented program. A pragmatic randomized controlled trial . The journal of nutrition, health & aging, 20 (1), 35-40. Hodge, J. G., Barraza, L., Castagne, M., Fleming, H. K., & White, E. N. (2019). Major Health Law and Policy Positions Among 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates . Available at SSRN 3403152. Hyett, N., McKinstry, C. E., Kenny, A., & Dickson-Swift, V. (2016). Community-centered practice: Occupational therapists improving the health and wellbeing of populations. Australian occupational therapy journal, 63 (1), 5-8. Kumar, R. (2019). Research methodology: A step-by-step guide for beginners . Sage Publications Limited. Mitchison, D., Rieger, E., Harrison, C., Murray, S. B., Griffiths, S., & Mond, J. (2018). Indicators of clinical significance among women in the community with binge ? eating disorder symptoms: Delineating the roles of binge frequency, body mass index, and overvaluation . International Journal of Eating Disorders, 51 (2), 165-169. Rajput, V. (2019). Listen, care, and going extra mile: Guiding principles for physicians and teachers in health-care profession . Indian Journal of Medical Specialities, 10 (1), 1. Rossi, P. H., Lipsey, M. W., & Henry, G. T. (2018). Evaluation: A systematic approach . Sage publications. Appendices Appendix A: Housing and Zoning Homes are well maintained, and the primary construction materials are bricks hence they are very strong and appealing. to the eyes. They are all modern houses are detached from each other by fences. Appendix B: Transportation Transportation mostly by private vehicles. Roads are in good condition ready to serve the residents. There are also pavements to serve pedestrians. Appendix C: Race and Ethnicity Many people are from the black race followed by Hispanics, then whites Asians and others. Appendix D: Open Space There are several parks and open spaces available. The streets are tree-lined thus making the area look scenic. Appendix E: Service Centers Several hospitals with well-equipped medical facilities are available in the area. Social securities are also within walking distances thus making the area secure Appendix F: Religion and Politics The community is composed of heterogeneous religions. Many people are Christians followed by Catholics. Muslims can also be witnessed. Appendix G: Boundaries The boundaries of this neighborhood include natural features like the ocean and other man-made features like the roads. Appendix H: Stores and street people There are several local grocery stores/meat markets, that are accessible by car, bicycle, or foot. The flourishing downtown area offers many fine restaurants and bars, as well as specialty stores. Appendix I: Health and Morbidity The common chronic disease affecting many people in the area is obese and it is attributed to eating unhealthy foods and frequent use of fast foods. The other problem is the abuse of drugs like alcohol and tobacco. Appendix J: Commons The major commons are the lively business like the restaurants and bars that visitors enjoy the downtown and waterfront year-round. Appendix K: Signs of Decay This community is very alive because of many businesses that run all day and night. Many people in the area are also very healthy thus making no sign of decay shortly. Appendix L: Media The most common media, smartphones. People also get information from televisions, internet, and radios. Community Health Assessment Name: Cira N Perez Florida National University Nursing Department BSN Program NUR 4636 – Community Health Nursing Prof. Eddie Cruz, RN MSN September 11 th , 2019 My zip Code: 33174 Introduction A community refers to a group of people that live within the same boundaries, who share the same interests and problems. In this case, the city of interest lives within Zip Code 33174, Miami, Florida. The community has a population of at least 30 865 individuals. The people in households are approximately 30, 765 individuals, and the town has a diversity index of 22. There are 10, 600 plus housing unit with the vacant units 283. The per capita income is $20, 000+, and the average family size is 3. It’s one of the developed communities with a lot of talents in the US. Community Health Assessment People at Miami depend on the public health (social services) department, a governmental unit for assessing community health status. The department works to protect, promote as well as improve the health for the population of Florida through community efforts. Institutions such as the University of Miami do also offer similar information. In assessing the health status of Zip Code 33174, it is good to consider a comparison of the larger Miami city. The city ranks position four in the healthiest cities in the nation (Kim & Cho, 2019). Miami also ranks in spot one for counties with the best health lifestyles choices in the state of Florida. Residents here participate in routine body exercise schemes. As a result, the city registers less than 23% obesity rates. The residents do also resists drinking excessively, and most of them are nonsmokers. Most of these residents take an annual screening, and therefore, they experience few chronic disease issues in the city. Zip Code 33174 community does also feature numerous vegan and vegetarian restaurants where residents can easily access a healthy meal (Kim & Cho, 2019). Farmers do also supply stores with organic vegetables and fruits fit for consumption. The community does also benefit from quality breathing air, and clean drinking water giving the residents a lively place to stay. The city does, therefore, maintain a healthy community health status among the residents. The role of the community as the client is an element of public health. In public health, nurses consider improving the health of the broader population. By treating the larger community, it affects the health of individuals and families. It means that nurses think the health of the larger group as a way of improving an individual’s health. The community in Zip Code 33174 is a diverged one. It consists of the African Americans, Latin Americans, Hispanic Americans, and the Native Americans, among other races. These people have different social, economic status. The differences imply that the community at large will impact some effects on the health of the families and individuals, especially with matters of wellness. The community needs to corporate with public health nursing for its well being. These include participating in answering all the questionnaires. While giving the responses, the city needs to provide honest answers. In this way, the nurses are capable of devising strategies towards solving particular health issues facing the community. Public health nursing looks at the community as a client. These nurses focus on how the broader community affects the health of an individual. For example, if asthma is a challenge facing people within Zip Code 33174, the nurses focus not only on the illness. Instead, the nurse aims to determine the source of the sickness (Kim & Cho, 2019). The broader community in Zip Code 33174 gives the nurses a bigger picture of the community’s health. The community helps in mapping the specific areas that work as sources of various illnesses. Therefore, managing the community as a client helps the nurses to impact on the lives of families and individuals positively. Taking the community as a client does also help improve the health status of the broader population. It also helps in healing the local, national, and world societies in a way that is not possible when the nurses focus on individual treatment. Healthy people 2020, leading health indicators in your community These are objectives that aim at communicating high-priority issues of health to the public. The health indicators promote healthily and quality life and developmental life stages. These indicators help to assess the health status of the community of Zip Code 33174. They also motivate collaboration between different sectors and encourage actions improving the community’s health (HealthyPeople2020, 2019). The selection of these indicators intends to draw attention, from individuals and the community factors that impact on public health. They, therefore, help to identify opportunities to promote quality health, as well as improve lifestyles for people within the Zip Code 33174. Among the leading health indicators that facilitate to healthy people 2020 include; Access to Health Services: The index looks at ability access health services for individuals with medical insurance (AHS-1. 1) and individuals who use the usual primary care providers (AHS-3). Clinical Preventive services: this indicator looks at adults undergoing cancer screening on bases of the recent guidelines. It also checks on adults suffering from hypertension, and whose blood pressure is under monitoring (HDS-12). The indicator also monitors on children receiving recommended doses including, polio, Hib, MMR, DTaP, HepB, PCV vaccines, and Varicella, for ages 19-35 months (HealthyPeople2020, 2019). It also checks on individuals diagnosed with diabetes with an A1c value of more than 9% (D-5.1). Maternal and Children Health The indicator checks on all infant deaths (MICH-1.3) and the total number of preterm live births (MICH-9.1). Nutrition, Physical activities, and obesity: The indicator checks on adults that meet muscle-strengthening and aerobic physical exercises as a procedure (PA-2.4). It also measures obesity among adults and children within Zip Code 33174. It also checks on the daily intake of vegetables. Conclusion The community Zip Code 33174 consists of a healthy population. Miami shows among the best practices towards maintaining a healthy living environment. Zip Code 33174 experience among the best public health nursing practices, and therefore, it is among the best places to live. With the above-listed indicators of health for healthy people 2020, it’s a sign that the community is attaining better lifestyles for improved health status. Appendix Housing Total housing unit 10, 619 with 283 vacant Transportation Roads, railway, and air transport are common Race and ethnicity Hispanic are the primary race taking 88% 0f the population, African-Americans, Latin-Americans, and the Natives Open space Zip Code 33174 has an approximate land area of 3.08 sq mi and 0.13 sq mi water area. Service centers There are several health centers, children care centers and centers of education within Zip Code 33174 Religion and politics The Democratic Party dominates the politics of the community. There are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Hindus religious practices, among others. Florida National University NUR4636 Week 2 Community Health Assessment References HealthyPeople2020. (2019). Healthy People 2020. American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 73 (3), 703-736. Kim, M., & Cho, M. (2019). Examining the role of sense of community: Linking local government public relationships and community-building. Public Relations Review, 45 (2), 297-306. Nies, Mary A., McEwen, Melanie (2015). Community/Public Health Nursing. Promoting the Health of the Populations. (6th ed). Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.). Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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