Discussion: drafting a scholarly literature review

Discussion: drafting a scholarly literature review ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: drafting a scholarly literature review synthesize the recommendations for future research. also a one page brief summary plus 1 to 2 pages brief problem statement related to my topic. Discussion: drafting a scholarly literature review also must follow the instructions and resource material is very important to read and follow. Please wk_12_psy7109_v2.docx Week 12 – Assignment: Signature Assignment: Scholarly Literature Review Instructions The problem statement will be the heart of your dissertation because it will not only explain what your research will investigate but it also will lay out the importance of conducting this research. You will spend considerable time refining this as you move from your research proposal to your eventual dissertation work. Review formulating a research problem, which is included in this week’s assigned readings. In previous weeks, you have been working on different elements of your Scholarly literature Review. This week your task will be to finalize your draft and include the following elements: 1. Incorporate changes and recommendations from your faculty into your revised Scholarly Literature Review draft. 2. Next, synthesize the recommendations for future research gathered via the literature review and present them in a brief 1page summary. 3. Finally, prepare a brief problem statement (1-2 pages) related to your selected topic area that you now believe represents a potential area of inquiry that you might pursue for your dissertation. Remember, a problem statement uses critically evaluated findings from previous research to demonstrate the existence of a gap in knowledge appropriate to a dissertation. Your problem statement must use sources to show what we know and don’t know, not what researchers have done and not done. Length: 12-15 pages Signature Assignment: Scholarly Literature Review Throughout this course, you were introduced to a variety of strategies to assist you in preparing a comprehensive literature review. Moving forward in your doctoral studies, you will be required to craft, refine, revise, and expand your literature review as you move from your prospectus of possible research to your dissertation proposal (what you intend to study), and your dissertation. It is common for doctoral students to review hundreds of articles, critically assessing them for information that relates to their dissertation work. Discussion: drafting a scholarly literature review You likely will do the same. Remember, as you begin your dissertation work that your literature review really does guide both your research and your writing. It tests your research question against already known information in your selected area and helps support your eventual findings. Looking to the Future – The Mini Proposal After you pass your comprehensive exam, you will move into your actual dissertation process. It begins with your preparation of a mini proposal. You will work closely with your dissertation chair at that time to refine your topic even further into one that merits further research. The Signature Assignment for this course will be a great foundation for this mini proposal, but do be prepared to continue to refine, revise and expand your literature review. Be sure to review this week’s resources carefully. You are expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments. Resource Material Formulating a research problem. (2002). In Delbert C. Miller, & Neil J. Salkind (Eds.), Handbook of Research Design & Social Measurement … … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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