Discussion: importance of articulating your personal philosophy of nursing

Discussion: importance of articulating your personal philosophy of nursing ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: importance of articulating your personal philosophy of nursing Discussion board comments. Please write a comment for each of the discussions in the attachment below. Discussion: importance of articulating your personal philosophy of nursing attachment_1 Discussion 1 Comment on the below discussion Why is it important to articulate your personal philosophy of nursing? Philosophy is the study of fundamental nature of knowledge, values, reason, mind and language; nurses are ungoverned by the ethic, culture and value of our profession according to (LPN to RN), 3rth. Author: Lora Claywall MSN RN, patient has the right of care and as nurses our main focus are the patient, they are the main reason why our profession exist. Patient must always be our first priority when it comes to taking care a patient. 2. What is the relationship between your personal philosophy of Nursing and your professional practice? According to Quality and Safety Education for Nurses QSEN’s mission is to ensure that nurses everywhere have the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) necessary to continuously improve the safety and quality of healthcare. Linda Cronenwett, the founder of QSEN has been quoted as saying, “QSEN helps nurses identify and bridge the gaps between what is and what should be and help nurses focus their work from the lens of quality and safety,” (Dolansky and Moore, 2013). All the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses, aim at improving patient standard of care by always setting our priority of the patient. What theories of Nursing have you studied? There are many theories of Nursing which focus on our scope of practice and the standard of care we deliverer to patient, but Florence Nightingale “the Lady with the Lamp”. At the end of Crimea War (1853-1856) Nightingale and her nurses had decreased the death rate from 42% to 2% (Dolan et al., 1983). by focusing on patient safety and priority needs. Does your Nursing practice follow any particular theorist? Explain My answer is Yes, as I stated in my earlier, there are many theories , but Florence Nightingale theories has shape the foundation of nursing and has improved standard of care from 1853 to our modern day of patient care. Reference Discussion: importance of articulating your personal philosophy of nursing Discussion 2 Comment on the below discussion 1.It is important for nurses to express or state their beliefs, values and ethics regarding their care and treatment of patients. Articulating these philosophies helps to focus on the personal care and wellness of patients for example during assessment, planning implantation and evaluation. However the personal philosophies of a nurse should be focused on the patient’s well-being. This means that patient care is not just treating signs and symptoms of a disease but also focusing on families and respecting their values, beliefs and ethics. 2. My personal philosophy of nursing plays a major role in my professional practice. It helps in treating each patient as a unique individual, being non-judgmental, respecting patient’s right, not being bias and respecting patient’s religion and culture during and after care 3. -Nightingale’s Environmental Theory: Florence Nightingale believed the environment has a strong influence on patient’s outcome. Nurses should control ventilation, hygiene and nutrition which can help in patient’s healing process. This theory focused on three major relationships: environment to patient, nurses to environment, and nurses to patients. 4. Yes as a nurse my nursing practice follows the Nightingale’s theory because the outcome of a patient’s illness mainly depends on the environment being manipulated by nurses everyday. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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