Discussion: PTA Physical Therapy Assistant

Discussion: PTA Physical Therapy Assistant ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: PTA Physical Therapy Assistant minimum of 1500 words APA style 2 peer review articles based on my major PTA Feel free to use the file named PHYSICAL THERAPY ASST DRAFT, I started writing it but im very busy and I count finish it. Discussion: PTA Physical Therapy Assistant physical_therapists_assistant_draft_. Physical Therapists Assistant: Analay Abrahantes Keiser University Abstract Physical Therapist Assistants (also referred to as a “PTA”) work directly under the supervision of Physical Therapists in order to provide physical therapy services to patients. A Physical Therapist, Assistant helps the Physical Therapist carry out their plan of care for a patient. The plan of care given by the Physical Therapist is specific to the patient’s goals whether that’s increasing mobility, strengthening, reducing pain, restoring function, or preventing disability. This most often includes therapeutic exercises, functional training, massage, education, therapeutic modalities. PTA’s are most often employed in outpatient physical therapy clinics and in hospitals providing acute care. Other work settings for a PTAs include rehab hospitals, long term care facilities, schools, wellness clinics, home health, hospice, government owned facilities, industrial workplaces, and some work in research centers. When people think of a PTA, they often just associate them with treating patients in a rehab setting. PTA’s are responsible for far more than just physical injuries and disabilities; they treat the whole person. Patients that come through the door could be suffering from depression, personal issues, or grief. Discussion: PTA Physical Therapy Assistant To become a licensed PTA, someone needs to I always wanted to pick a profession that will allow me to help others and make money at the same time. I figured what I wanted to do at the age of 17 when my grandma was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I saw how deteriorating the disease can be and how the physical therapy can help, slowing down the process and making it easy for not only my grandma, but also the rest of the family. Physical Therapy is my passion and I’m I’ve been working in this field since 2013, I’ve been around patients ever since, learning everything I can, paying attn to every little detail hoping to start the Physical Therapy Assistant program in January 2021. Being a physical therapy assistant has good and bad things, more good ones than bad ones (off course. On the good side is a growing business, high demand. You can work in an inpatient facilities, like a Home care with the geriatric population, you can also work in an outpatient facility and see everything and anything, from an ACL repair to a total hip replacement, you can feel the satisfaction of helping someone to get through the fear and painful process of a surgery and make it easier for them, giving them the confidence of a fast or successful recovery. You can work as a Home health therapist, which means going to the hpuses of the patients and performing the therapy there instead of doing it in a regular office, you just have to follow the plan of care stablished by the PT. There are also opportunities at the Hospitals where u get to interact with the patient right after surgery. You can also be a travel PTA, they will be sent you to a new location every 4-6 weeks, around the country, u get to pick your next destination, the will cover all your expenses, housing, food gas etc. and in one of the better paid positions. On the bad side, a PTA will have to stick to a protocol, always depend on the PT word, even if u feel like u have the knowledge, u can never progress a patient without the PT word and consent. Another disadvantage will be depending on where u work they will try to make you seismic patients as u can, and moist of the time u will have more than two patients at one, which means that u will have to multitask, manage urn time as efficiently as possible and u may not be able to perform a good treatment as if u only have one patient at the time. Writing the notes of the treatment they performed can be very exhausting, not only treating more than one patient at the time, but also making the same number of notes, putting a detailed explanation of everything u found and did during the 45-1-hour session u treated that patient. It can be tedious and most of the therapist always complain bat the notes. Notes are important as the therapy itself because that is what determines if we get paid or not. Discussion: PTA Physical Therapy Assistant A regular day for a PTA will depend on the setting he will be working. In the outpatient clinic where I work there are 4 PTAS and the usually work from 9-5. A PTA. They follow a schedule that is already been set up from the front desk. A regular therapy will also depend on the injury or the disease/ condition of the patient. Always based on modalities (therapeutic ultrasound to speed up the healing process, and reduce internal inflammation, electrical muscle stimulation to help with pain and strengthening, manual therapy on the affected area including but not limited to a massage. Stretching of muscles to improve flexibility and or ROM (range of motion) Paraffin bath or thermotherapy to increase the blood flow and relax the muscles. Therapeutic exercises to improve balance or strengthening. Discussion: PTA Physical Therapy Assistant Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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