Discussion: Qualitative Research Report

Discussion: Qualitative Research Report ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Qualitative Research Report I’m working on a nursing question and need support to help me understand better. Discussion: Qualitative Research Report Please help me with this assignment. Read the assigned qualitative critique article. It is recommended that you read the article a few times and highlight key concepts. Use the Qualitative Critique Template and answer the questions in each section using full sentences and defend your answers. Use your knowledge of qualitative research methodology to read and critique this qualitative research study. Use the attached tool to guide your review – address all questions that are applicable to this study. attachment_1 attachment_2 Critical Appraisal for Qualitative Studies Directions for use of this tool: The questions below are prompts to guide you in critiquing a quantitative study. The questions should be answered with more than a yes or no. Instead you should expound on each discussion point. Are the results of the study valid (i.e., trustworthy and credible)? How were study participants chosen? How were accuracy and completeness of data assured? How plausible/believable are the results? Are implications of the research stated? What were the results? Does the research approach fit the purpose of the study? How does the researcher identify the study approach? Are language and concepts consistent with the approach? Are data collection and analysis techniques appropriate? Is the significance/importance of the study explicit? Does review of the literature support a need for the study? What is the study’s potential contribution? Is the sampling strategy clear and guided by study needs? Does the researcher control selection of the sample? Do sample composition and size reflect study needs? Is the phenomenon (human experience) clearly identified? Are data collection procedures clear? Are sources and means of verifying data explicit? Are researcher roles and activities explained? Are data analysis procedures described? Does analysis guide direction of sampling and when it ends? Are data management processes described? What are the reported results (description or interpretation)? How are specific findings presented? Is presentation logical, consistent, and easy to follow? Do quotes fit the findings they are intended to illustrate? How are overall results presented? Are meanings derived from data described in context? Does the writing effectively promote understanding? Will the results help me in caring for my patients? Are the results relevant to persons in similar situations? Are the results relevant to patient values and/or circumstances? How may the results be applied in clinical practice? Adapted from: Discussion: Qualitative Research Report Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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