Discussion: Sickle Cell Anemia

Discussion: Sickle Cell Anemia ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Sickle Cell Anemia Students will be assigned individual topics related to physiology and pathological conditions of physiological systems.Please read the instructions in this Module before attempting to submit your paper. ******PLEASE SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT!!!***** Be sure to view the rubric to make sure that your project matches the listed criteria. Discussion: Sickle Cell Anemia Assignments should be submitted through the Dropbox as a Microsoft Word file. BSL 117 Pathophysiology Paper The student will be required to complete all parts of the assigned case in a written paper. The paper will be double-spaced, and answers should only be on one side of the paper. The paper will be a minimum of 3 pages long, and should also include an additional citations page at the back. A minimum of three APA-style references must be included in the paper. There should be an APA-format citations page labeled “Citations” at the end of the presentation. Additionally, sources should be cited directly after any quoted passages in the paper. Reputable resources include peer-reviewed journal articles, interviews with clinicians who deal with these pathologies on a daily basis, personal experiences, class lectures, and other reputable sources. The student should use a font size of 12. The paper should be written with the text aligned to the left margin. For each section, the criteria and number should be included in the text in bold, followed by the student’s answer, which should not be in bold, and should be indented. attachment_1 Name of paper will go here Students Name Professors Name Name of Course/College Introduction (Criteria 1 & 2): In this section, you will describe the pathophysiology (statistics about it, background information etc). Give as much information as you can about it, but be sure it is relevant information and not just filler. This section generally should be 2-3 paragraphs in length. This section should cover Criteria 1 & 2 from the Case Study Instructions and Rubric Normal anatomy of the major body system effected (Criteria 3): In this section, you will describe what is considered normal anatomy for your particular pathophysiology. For example, if you are discussing a disease related to the brain describe what is normal for the brain from an anatomy standpoint. This should take a paragraph or two to complete this section. Discussion: Sickle Cell Anemia Normal physiology of the major body system effected (Criteria 4): Same as the previous section but instead of explaining the anatomy you will be explaining the physiology. Mechanism of Pathophysiology (Criteria 5): This section is likely going to be the most in depth and longest section. This is where you will explain your particular pathophysiology from an anatomy and physiology standpoint. In the previous two sections you explained what is considered normal, in this section I want you to explain what the pathophysiology is doing that is causing these issues, how the anatomy is affected and how it has an effect on the physiology of that particular system. Prevention (Criteria 6): In this section, you will explain how your pathophysiology could be prevented. Treatment (Criteria 7): In this section, you will explain how your pathophysiology is commonly treated. Clinical Relevance (Criteria 8): In this section, you will cover the clinical relevance or significance. Conclusion: Wrap everything up. A good academic research paper should bring everything full circle with a solid conclusion. Discussion: Sickle Cell Anemia References: This final reference page needs to include any and all references you utilized to find information about your particular topic. Remember, the information needs to come from academic/scholarly resources. https://scholar.google.com/ is a great search engine to help you find academic resources. Sites such as Wikipedia are great to use as a reference/starting point to locate good articles; however, they cannot be used as a primary source of information. ***Tip: If you find information in Wikipedia, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can usually find academic articles that authors have utilized to complete the information. Most of the time you can simply click on that article for a direct link, or simply search for the name of the article in our Library Database to find a complete text. ***Be sure that your in-text citations are accurate and follow APA formatting, again utilize the Purdue Owl website to help with that. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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