Discussion: Summary One page single spaced

Discussion: Summary One page single spaced ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Summary One page single spaced Please pick one article and write one page single spaced summary. Instruction and Example are below. Discussion: Summary One page single spaced Thank you summary_assignment.docx cannabis___use_abuse_dependence.pdf f42m57543rt682112a.pdf food_allergies.pdf online_professionalism_a Your summaries will include all the main ideas of the article that are worth remembering. Pls write in full sentences (1 full page only just like you did the cases [no 1/2 or 3/4 pages pls]). Your summary MUST be 2 equal-sized paragraphs (half-a-page each), and PLS USE New Times Roman font type ONLY. EXAMPLE: Most sub-Saharan Africa countries like Tanzania prohibit abortion. It is an illegal practice unless a woman’s life is in danger. This article discusses the study of abortion beliefs and practices among adolescents and young adults in nine villages across four rural districts of Mwanza, Tanzania. It examines the experiences of rural young women who attempt abortions who do not have complications, minor complications, or severe complications for which they do not seek or receive medical care. The study is drawn primarily on participant-observation (PO), which focuses broadly on the social and cultural context of young people’s sexual behavior. In the opening excerpt, the author states that the World Health Organization estimates that 3.1 percent of East African women aged 15-44 have had unsafe abortions, and 60 percent of unsafe abortions involved women younger than 25. This estimate is based solely on hospital records for women who suffer hemorrhage, sepsis, and other complications following an abortion. Those who have had an induced abortion in Tanzania could face years of imprisonment; despite that, abortion is still believed to be widely practiced in that part of sub-Saharan Africa. This study also draws upon group discussions and interviews on reproductive beliefs and practices among young women and men. Participants in the study may have underreported induced abortion because they feared cultural rejection or disapproval, and others feared legal or religious sanctions. Many young women also were afraid of potential health problems. The findings were similar across the villages in Mwanza. Discussion: Summary One page single spaced Most people reported that they are sexually active by age 15, and many wanted to prevent pregnancy. The majority of young women and schoolgirls do not use protection because of limited access; only a minority used birth control like Depo Provera injections or oral contraceptives. Condoms are rarely used. Conception outside of an established relationship is common along in tangent with early sexual activity and low use of contraceptives. Although many women faced with these circumstances have carried their pregnancies to full term, a small minority felt desperate to end them and attempted to induce abortion. Women induced abortion by using wood ashes in solution, twigs, high doses of chloroquine, ‘blue’ solution (a brand of laundry detergent in the form of a tablet), and local plants believed to cause the fetus to abort. Not all women who attempted abortion succeeded; when the attempt failed, many of them carried their pregnancies to full term without suffering any consequences. Those who suffered negative consequences from attempting abortion received opposition from their sexual partners, health problems, social ostracism, and sexual exploitation by practitioners. The discussion indicates that many participants in this study had attempted an abortion at some point, managing to keep it a secret whether or not the abortion was successful. The literature also points out that some men aggressively prevent their partners from suspending pregnancy because they feel entitled to potential offspring. In Tanzania, there are strong social norms and highly restrictive laws that oppose abortion, yet there is no evidence that has been found indicating if induced abortions have decreased or increased. Furthermore, the practice of effective contraception will likely reduce the incidence of unsafe abortion, but may not eliminate it. Discussion: Summary One page single spaced Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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