Discussion: Teaching Project on Metabolic Syndrome

Discussion: Teaching Project on Metabolic Syndrome ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Teaching Project on Metabolic Syndrome Please provide a written teaching project on Metabolic syndrome to be present to nursing students and the community as a community health project. The teaching project will include the following aspects, introduction, and assessment of learning needs, development of goals and objectives, and a final teaching plan. Please use scholarly articles and journals with evidence based practices for resource only. Discussion: Teaching Project on Metabolic Syndrome attachment_1 attachment_2 Teaching Project Checklist Introduction to the project Definition of need – can be based on observation, data collection .scholarly inquiry (For example: How did you decide this teaching project was needed? What support do you have for this inquiry?) This will be based on data collection and scholarly journals indicating how and increased in Metabolic syndrome since 1988 with minorities being the most affected. Supporting rationale for choosing this project by locating and synthesizing scholarly literature into this part of your teaching plan. Scholarly literature is peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5 years. (2-4 articles) One “hallmark” article (one that is cited by all other articles and on which theory is based) may be used if appropriate. Setting of the project is described and includes: Type of activity and audience (Community health nursing students and the community) Actual brief description of setting(s) A local urban community center with nursing students assisting. Attributes of the learners descriptions to include: Age 40 or > Ethic demographics: African Americans & Latino population Gender: Both male & female Education level (High school diploma and some college ) The learners’ prior experiences with subject: Minimal knowledge only base on their Diagnoses and self-care of Metabolic Syndrome. Assessment of learning needs Specific learning needs identified & readiness to learn of the selected population: 1) Physical (environmental and disabilities) 2) Emotional (learner readiness and context of learning) 3) Experiential (motivation and cultural considerations) 4) Knowledge (prior understanding and learning style) Identifies how the learning styles of the population were identified, using supportive literature (course textbook) for the selection Describes the learning style of the population Identifies the impact of the learning style(s) on teaching Educational Philosophy and Educational/Nursing Theory Identifies an educational philosophy/philosophical base that supports the project, using scholarly literature (multiple articles) for support. Identifies an education/nursing theory/model that supports the project (at least 2 scholarly articles) Links the educational theory/model back to the philosophy Goals (will be added from the Week 3 assignment to this final project) Focused project goals identified that clearly address the established criteria using the correct language and structure Objectives (will be added from the Week 3 assignment to this final project) Identifies 2 or more specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant and time oriented. Identifies sub-objectives for each objective Selects a variety of learning domains for different learning styles Identifies instructional strategies for each objective with supported rationale Identifies learning activities for each objective with supported rationale Include intended completion time and completion date Evaluation Method Identifies clear, achievable evaluation methods used to measure the learning achieved/demonstrated with each objective. Use supported rationale. Analysis Analysis of topic in relation to MSN Essentials and implications for nursing practice Analysis of topic in relation to course objectives Conclusion A final paragraph or more summary of the teaching project Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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