Discussion: Technology Trends Proposal Part

Discussion: Technology Trends Proposal Part ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Technology Trends Proposal Part Research management’s role in the technology selected in the Week Three Technology Trends Proposal Part ll assignment and the benefits of it that support the quality outcomes. Discussion: Technology Trends Proposal Part Write a 350- to 700-word summary that addresses the following: Explain the manager’s role. Explain what impact the technology trend has on other users. Explain benefits of the selected technology that support quality outcomes. Begin combining the Technology Trends Proposal assignment materials from Weeks Two through Four. Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment. Format your summary according to APA guidelines. rowena_peter_hcs483_week_3_technology_trends_proposal_part_ii.doc rowena_peeter_hcs483_ Technology Trends Proposal Part II Rowena Peter March 11 th , 2019 HCS/483- Week 3 KYM PFRANK Technology Trends Proposal Part II Electronic Health Records was one of the trends that I identified in the last assignment. EHR implementation in a healthcare organization often brings emergence of new challenges that the organization need to cope with through introducing mechanisms that will protect the organization especially from a security breach that will lead to patient’s information being accessed by hackers. EHR has privacy risks, security safeguards, and strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of EHR in the healthcare industry and this will be discussed in detail. Discussion: Technology Trends Proposal Part Privacy Risks The EHR of patients are often at risk from being accessed by unauthorized individuals, and this usually calls for a healthcare organization to implement policies and strategies that will protect the patient’s medical records. An organization that have implemented the EHR technology need to ensure that they have taken extra steps since having such technology increases the level of responsibility and risk to the organization. Having the EHR system implemented in a healthcare organization instances of a possible hack, security breaches and mishandling of the patient information might arise, and all these need to be safeguarded by the management before they occur (Rodrigues et al., 2013). Hackers can be able to access an organization information system and access patient information especially when an organization security system is weak or has been jeopardized. Therefore, there is a need for preserving the patient EHR and ensuring that only authorized individual has access to the information. Setting an effective security standard would help a healthcare organization to protect the patient EHR from being breached. Security Safeguards Implementation of security guards is required for all the organizations that have implemented the EHR technology. The process of safeguarding EHR is often long and difficult, but ultimately it needs to be undertaken. In ensuring that EHR are safeguarded from security breach having a system that would allow tracking and reviewing all the employees that have access the organization database would help to identify all that they have reviewed on the database. Employees also need to have their unique username and password that they would use to log into the healthcare organization database to access their patient’s health information (Tsai, 2010). This will ensure that the unauthorized individuals who are not part of the organization employees are not able to access the patient health information. EHR security safeguard can also be undertaken through all the employees taking training classes on how to use the organization database when accessing patient information together with the HIPPA regulations. Training the employees on how to ascertain that the information they retrieve from the organization database are not breached would be ideal for safeguarding the patient health records. Strategies for Evaluating Effectiveness of EHR Completion of employees training requires developing strategies that will ascertain that the EHR is effective and ensures high efficiency. This can be through engaging in a process that would verify the information that has been stored in the records. Engaging in front-end or back-end verification would help in evaluating the EHR effectiveness. Having nurses, physicians and receptionist updating the information of the patients on the organization system and the employees engaging in ensuring that they can access the information would help to ascertain its effectiveness. When updating the patient information, it is also essential to ensure that correct information about the patient is recorded on the correct patient file. References Rodrigues, J. J., De La Torre, I., Fernández, G., & López-Coronado, M. (2013). Analysis of the security and privacy requirements of cloud-based electronic health records systems. Journal of medical Internet research , 15 (8). Tsai, F. S. (2010). Security issues in e-healthcare. Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering , 30 (4), 209-214. Discussion: Technology Trends Proposal Part Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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