DNP 805 Telehealth Assignment

DNP 805 Telehealth Assignment
Donald Davidson, in his book, American Composition and Rhetoric, discusses the précis as follows:
“A précis is not an outline, but a summary or digest. It is useful as an exercise in grasping the essential ideas of an already completed composition and in stating these ideas in concentrated form. The précis shears away all elaborations of the thought and gives only what is left, in such a way as to make the summary a complete composition. It does not, therefore, skeletonize the original composition so much as it reduces its scale. Many of the articles in The Reader’s Digest are only précis, so skillfully done that the average reader does not know that he is reading a summary. Since the précis says a great deal within a brief space, it is of great service in taking notes on library assignments and general reading.”
The précis should be an organization of ideas, include logical sequencing of points, contain clear and meaningful expression, and use language suitable to the situation. When finished, the précis should clearly state:
A statement of what was studied (i.e., argued, discussed, deliberated).
A statement of focus of the scholarly article you selected, (i.e., how it was organized and completed).
A statement of what information was identified or learned from the scholarly article.
A statement of why the information in the article is important to your field of study.
ORDER NOW FOR ORIGINAL PAPERDNP 805 Topic 6 Assignment Telehealth
Telehealth covers a wide variety of basic to complex health-care delivery choices, as well as a large range of technology that can be used.
You must find an academic article on telehealth that was published within the last three years in a peer-reviewed publication for this project.
Part One requires you to write and present a two-paragraph assessment that includes a summary and critical evaluation of a scholarly article about telehealth technology, and Part Two requires you to create a Mind Map to generate ideas about how the telehealth technology you identified can be used in your current practice.
DNP 805 Telehealth Assignment
PART I: Précis and Critical Evaluation: DNP 805 Topic 6 Assignment DNP 805 Topic 6 Assignment DNP 805 Topic 6 Assignment DNP 805 Topic 6 Assignment DNP 805 Topic 6 Assignment DNP 8
To guarantee that the assignment is completed successfully, use the following information:
A rubric is used in this task.
Please study the rubric before beginning the assignment to ensure that you understand the requirements for a successful completion.
For their writing tasks, doctoral students must adhere to the APA style.
In the Student Success Center, you’ll find the APA Style Guide.
At least two additional academic research sources pertaining to this issue must be included in your assignment, with at least one in-text citation from each source.
You must use Turnitin to submit this assignment.
Refer to the Student Success Center for instructions.
Using a mind map, brainstorm ways to incorporate the telehealth technology you identified into your current practice.
Drop the final map and the summary into the Topic drop box.
How to go about it:
Take a sheet(s) of paper and write a one-to-three-word primary concept in the center of the page.
(You could also use an electronic sheet of “paper” to accomplish this.)
Create a branch from your major idea, and write or draw a main topic connected to your main idea on the branch.
Continue to branch out from your main theme as needed using important topics.
Subtopics should be branched off from your major topics.
Branch out with supporting details (write and/or draw) from your subtopics.
Continue to fill in the blanks with more information.
You may add more themes, subtopics, or other objects at any time.
When you take a step back and look at your work, you should notice a map, which is how this activity got its name.
You can begin to draw judgments about how to approach a prospective area of practice change at this time.
At the end of the day, what you do with the “map,” “cluster set,” or “web” you create is determined by your needs.
In order to complete this project, you must submit both the précis and the finished mind map.
Discussion 1 of DNP 805 Topic 6
A patient of your choosing will be discharged to their home with the use of telehealth technology.
Post the technology that your patient will use at home, as well as how you plan to communicate with them using it.
Topic 6 Discussion 2 DNP 805
Consider existing and alternative telehealth solutions.
Examine existing telehealth system implementation methodologies and weigh up on the benefits and drawbacks.
Discuss how you, as a health-care leader, might execute a similar strategy in a specific practice area (e.g., clinic, hospital, primary-care site).

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