Domestic Violence Assignment Paper

Domestic Violence Assignment Paper Domestic Violence Assignment Paper Sensitive social and psychological issues require careful and professional handling, so we have recruited skilled psychologists and social workers to counsel our writers. That is why our company provides the most professional custom essay services that are related to psychological and sociological academic writing. Occasionally, experienced researchers or caregivers themselves write exceptionally complex or practically focused papers for our customers, so you may be sure that the domestic violence essay you order from us will be created in the most conscientious and professional way. To better understand the kind of services we deliver and to see how topics are tackled and elaborated, please read the excerpt posted below.Domestic Violence Assignment Paper Permalink: domestic-violence-assignment-paper / ? Domestic violence is causing more and more concern through the world as it results in more deaths and injuries per year than terroristic attacks or car crashes do. As the horrifying statistics shows, in the USA alone one woman in four experiences some kind of domestic violence as a victim during her lifetime. Adult women are not sole victims of domestic violence, man and children of both sexes may also suffer from domestic violence. However, the figures indicate that women are the most probable sufferers in cases of domestic violence and assistance for victims should take into consideration this tendency. Although very often domestic violence is presented as a violent beating of a victim, in reality violence may take various forms from physical abuse to subtle psychological manipulation. In any case, domestic violence is aggressive assertion of power over close people whom an abuser is supposed to love and protect. Violence may be openly physical, or manipulatively psychological; it may take economic or even sexual form, and sometimes even children may become a tool for abusing and controlling a partner.Domestic Violence Assignment Paper Parents may be violent toward their children, and it will count as domestic violence. Violence may also mean attempts to separate a victim from other people who might provide psychological and actual help. Many studies tried to identify factors that predict high probability of abuse on the part of one partner, yet there are no universal indicators of risk. Domestic violence takes place in families and relationships of people of all ages, races, financial status, education and social backgrounds. Witnessing abuse in childhood, being a victim of abuse as a child, unsecure social conditions, unemployment, alcohol or drug abuse are believed to increase probability of domestic abuse, yet even the most safe and well-to-do environment cannot guarantee happy and healthy relationships. We always hear the term of domestic violence, but we really know what domestic violence is? Is domestic violence just means a husband hits his wife? Of course not. First of all, the domestic violence not just happen to women, but also can happen to men. Secondly, physical abuse just a type of the domestic violence. We seems familiar with the term of domestic violence and far away from it, but actually, we are not.Domestic Violence Assignment Paper As the Huffingtone Post shown that the number of women who will experience partner violence worldwide is 1 in 3, which means that 18 of us sitting in this classroom, 6 of us may face domestic violence in the future. How horrible it is! Today, I want to tell you more about the domestic violence from three aspects that what domestic violence really is, why victims stay in a violent relationship and what you can do if you or your friends being abused. According to the website of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the definition of the domestic violence is that the willful intimidation, physical assault, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. The intimate partners includes current or former spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends, dating partners and sexual partners. As the website of Live Your Dream shown that there are eight types of domestic violence. Live Your Dream, an organization which provides supporting to the people who are suffering the domestic violence. The domestic violence includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and coercion, reproductive coercion, financial abuse, digital abuse and stalking.Domestic Violence Assignment Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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