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Down Syndrome Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Down Syndrome Paper You must edit my down syndrome paper, the things that need to be changed are written and capitalized in red. Add more biological information, and meet the 1000 word count not including the reference page and title page. Down Syndrome Paper attachment_1 Running head: DOWN SYNDROME 1 Down Syndrome Braich, Harneet California State University, Fresno Biology1A Laboratory Alejandro Hernandez ALIGN THIS DOWN SYNDROME 2 Down syndrome is a medical term which denotes a chromosomal disorder resulting from failure of chromosome to separate (Metzinger & Joseph, 2017). This condition which is referred to as chromosomal non-disjunction results into an extra chromosome 21 in babies born with the disorder. Drawing from the 2017 statistics as held in the American Medical Institute, in every 700 babies who were born between 2012-2017 in USA, one was born with the Down syndrome disorder (This translates to 0.1% probability of children born in America to have the condition.) Whilst this presents significant reduction from the statistics which were documented 10 years ago, in some states such as in Chicago and Texas, there has been an increase of about 3% (WHAT CAUSED THE INCREASE) of cases of children born with down syndrome in the past 5 years (American Medical Institute, 2017). Similarly, as compared with other disorders such as Angelman and Jocobsen which recorded an aggregate reduction of 4.5% and 6% respectively in the last ten years, Down syndrome still ranks top in chromosomal birth defects in the US. In this light this paper seeks to provide a comprehensive discussion informed by the thesis statement Social and Economic Impacts of Down syndrome among children born with the disorder and their families in USA. To begin with, one of the remarkable social effects of children born of Down syndrome is lack of self esteem. Notably, children born with the Down syndrome characteristically have low cognition abilities. This implies that they are not able to grasp concepts quickly, have low capability of paying attention to objects and they have limited motor skills. Similarly, such children have low language abilities and thus communication proves difficult to them (Metzinger & Joseph, 2017,p.166). Compounded these shortcomings makes such children to lose self confidence and at times withdraw from company of their peers. While several measures have DOWN SYNDROME 3 been adopted to spur such children self esteem more effort needs to put by families and the entire society enabling them to feel equal as their able peers. To this end, Metzinger and Joseph (2017) hold that through indulging such children in activities that attract attentions such as gaming activities coupled with counseling then the society can spur their confidence and thus help them improve their weakness. Secondly, it has been identified that children born with Down syndrome have emotional challenges. According to Metzinger and Joseph (2017), children born with Down syndrome disorder often fall angry relatively fast as compared to other children. Similarly, such children are unable to contain their emotions especially emotions which depict bitterness or anger. According to National Institutes of Health(2017), this condition is attributed to the fact that such children have a feeling of being less equal to their peers. Besides, the fact that they have a low cognitive ability makes them at times misrepresent some information which can trigger their emotions. Down Syndrome Paper In a research which was conducted by Kenichi and Yusuke (2013, p.123) it was established that 75% of children who suffer from Down syndrome exhibit challenges in containing their emotions. Kenichi and Yusuke observed that such children were more likely to get frustrated by issues considered ordinary. In light of these two scientists’ observation, there is need for the society to understand this emotional weakness exhibited by such children in order to offer them the support they need. Families of children born with Down syndrome disorder are also socially impacted by the condition. For instance, Metzinger and Joseph (2017,p.177) observes parents of children with the disorder have to contend with additional responsibilities of providing guidance such as in completing homework to their children. Besides, in some backward societies where such DOWN SYNDROME 4 children are stigmatized, parents and close family members have to stay near to comfort them. (IN WHAT WAY?) Metzinger and Joseph observation aligned to American Medical Institute observation which holds that children born of with the Down syndrome find it easy to associate with people whom they are close to such as their parents. Broadly speaking, this implies that children born of Down’s Syndrome might impacts social lives of their parents and family members as they need to spare time and cut back their social activities to stay with them. Finally, the economic impacts of Down syndrome on families of children who suffer from the disorder cannot be overlooked too. According to Metzinger and Joseph(2017) parents of such children spend an average of about $300 monthly in medical as well as social support for their children. Furthermore, based on the considerable time which such parents and other family members spend with children with such a condition they do not get an opportunity of exploiting their potential in economic production. Metzinger and Joseph also observes that owing to the stress which such parents and family members go through, their work performance is equally watered down. In this light therefore, Down syndrome does not only weigh down on families of children born with Down Syndrome but on a broader scope it negatively impacts the performance of the national economy. In conclusion, Down syndrome has social and economic impacts on children born with the disorder and their families. As documented in this essay, Down syndrome contributes to stress, loss of self-esteem and withdrawal from the environment by some children with the disorder. Equally, on terms of economic performance, the disorder cuts back performance of parents and their other family members. Down Syndrome Paper This is anchored on the fact that family members have to dedicate DOWN SYNDROME 5 considerable time taking care of them. Furthermore, the psychological effect that parents of such children undergo through affects their work performance too. To this end, it is prudent for concerned authorities such as the government to discourage the public against risk factors such childbearing among women aged above 35 years. This way social and economic impact of Down syndrome can be mitigated. IN ANYWHERE OF THESE PARAGRAPHS, INCLUDE SOME BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION. AN EXAMPLE OF THIS WOULD INCLUDE WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS THAT PREVENTS THE CHROMOSOMES FROM SEPARATING? MUST MEET 1000 WORD COUNT NOT INCLUDING REFERNCES AND TITLE PAGE. DOWN SYNDROME 6 PUT REFERNCES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER References Kenichi, Y., & Yusuke, T. (2013). The Landscape of Somatic Mutations in Down Syndrome Related myeloid disorders. The American Scientist: International Journal of Medicine 45 (11) , 123-129. American Health Institute. (2017). State of the National Health. New York: National Institutes ofHealth. National Institute of Health. (2017, October 12). National Institute of Health. Retrieved September 29, 2018, from National Institutes of Health: Retrieved from :( Metzinger, J., & Joseph, G. (2017). Down Syndrome Causes and Prevention. The American Journal of Paediatrics , 3(4) 133-177. DOWN SYNDROME 7 … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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