Excitation Contraction Coupling Process Infographics

Excitation Contraction Coupling Process Infographics Excitation Contraction Coupling Process Infographics It is good to have 2 InfoGraphic, 1 infoGraphic and 3 memes, or 1 infographic and other kinds ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS This assignment will consist of generating several media products designed to teach physiology concepts, principles or standard information. Using information learned in this course, you can design your media in nearly any way you wish. For example, you can produce an infographic (see below), or a meme, or a video/song, or you can come up with a better format for delivering your message of physiology. You must turn in up to 20 points worth of mixed media (point values below). You can mix and match the listed assignment types to get up to a possible 20 points, or you can propose other projects not listed here that we can negotiate a point value, depending on the effort (e.g. maybe you want to do a sculpture – ask, and we can decide how many points that could be worth). If collaboration is necessary for your project (e.g. you are playing a song and need a band), you must get that approved. Media Type Point Value Meme 4 Recorded Song Negotiable InfoGraphic 10 News Story 10 Video Negotiable up to 20 Artwork Negotiable up to 20 New Better Book Figure 4 Tips Avoid wordy text. Simple is best in most cases. Use a template if available or (many infographic tools have a library of templates, meme generators our out there and so are video templates like tic toc —you don’t have to start from scratch!) Don’t forget citations! You must cite work that isn’t yours. You must cite ideas that are not yours. Don’t cheat. So, don’t rip copyrighted content. You can use images from the internet, but they must be cited, and if you use some copyrighted content, you should get permission. Usually, it is easy to get permission to use copyrighted stuff IF IT IS FOR EDUCATION. This isn’t always the case so be sure you are not taking someone else’s material without permission. You can email the owner/publisher and they will give you permission. Often there is a disclaimer on a publisher’s website somewhere that may give permission for educational or nonprofit use. Be sure to cite that permission as a web address. Place all citation in small (but readable) font next to or underneath the image. The author’s last name and date, or website.com (Links to an external site.) is sufficient. If you are unsure, please ask or refer to the copyright statement in the Syllabus and in the student handbook. .doc file Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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