Explore the role the Gods play in Antigone

Explore the role the Gods play in Antigone Explore the role the Gods play in Antigone Essay 1: Sophocles’ Antigone In your first essay, you will be analyzing the literary mechanics and themes of Sophocles’ Antigone. You will be expected to engage as well with the way the text resonates with a deeper agon or thematic conflicts as discussed in class. Your essay must be formatted correctly and written clearly. If you struggle with grammar, please seek help from me, from your peers, and from other resources available on campus. Essay Features: Length: 3-5 pages. If your essay is about 3 pages, you must go at least a couple of lines onto the fourth page and if your essay is about 5 pages, you should not write more than a couple of lines on the sixth page. Formatting: Use a 12 Times New Roman Font, 1inch right/left hand margins, 1-inch top/bottom margins, double space, and do not skip an extra space between paragraphs. The margins and font will be the standard settings on your word processor. Sources: You will be using Sophocles’ Antigone for this essay. Peer Editing: The peer editing workshop is absolutely required. You must have a completed rough draft with you on that day. Missing peer editing or not having a draft will affect your final essay grade. Vocabulary: You must use at least five vocabulary words from the Introduction correctly and analytically. These words include: character, protagonist, plot, setting, tone, metaphor, and allusion. ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS Essay Topic Prompts (Choose One) 1. Examine the genre of tragedy and how Antigone illuminates the plot structure and dramatic effects of this genre. 2. Analyze the Sophoclean hero and the representation of the individual in at least three different characters in Antigone. 3. Interpret how a moral dilemma shapes the complex family dynamics, competing loyalties, and battles of sexes in Antigone. 4. Explore the role the Gods play in Antigone and how their divine omens and prophecies, as manifestations of natural forces, are variously interpreted by the living human characters. 5. Analyze the context of the war-torn Theban state and the role politics and civil disobedience in Antigone. 6. Reflect on the role of memory, and the grieving process, and how interpenetrating time streams in the play affect our experience of its deeper meaning. Answer preview to explore the role the Gods play in Antigone and how their divine omens and prophecies Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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