Family Health Assignment Paper

Family Health Assignment Paper Family Health Assignment Paper Family is the basic unit of society. A family is a set of interacting individuals related by blood, marriage, cohabitation, or adoption who interdependently perform relevant functions by fulfilling expected roles. Health practices are those activities performed by individuals or families as a whole to promote health and prevent diseases. The relationship between members of family influences the understanding of behavior, which is demonstrated in family’s structural, functional, communication al, and developmental patterns (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2003; Bonell et al., 2003). Within families, children and adults are nurtured and taught about health values by word and by example, and it is within families that …show more content…Family Health Assignment Paper This family migrated to United States in 2000 and the family consists of husband, 57 year old (ultrasound technician), and his wife, 56 year old (Respiratory technician), and their daughter, 25 years old (registered nurse), and son, 20 years old (college student). Health perception/health management: What is the family’s philosophy of health? Does each family member hold similar beliefs? Husband is the head of the family. All the family members are health conscious. The whole family is covered under medical insurance and adheres to annual health check up. This family prefers homely food and the parents set example for that. They also enjoy the relationship with neighbors and with extended family members. There are no risk factors of smoking, alcoholism, and use of other drugs. Nutritional/ metabolic pattern: What kind of diet is preferred by the family? The nutritional-metabolic pattern depicts characteristics of the family’s typical food and fluid consumption and metabolism (Gordon, 2007). In this particular family, all members follow a well balanced diet. They prefer homely food which is freshly prepared. They are very particular to include traditional Indian food in their daily diet. The family is not having adequate fluid intake in their daily life. Elimination pattern: Is it regular or is there any issue that needs to be concerned? Assessment of elimination pattern describes family’s excretory functions.Family Health Assignment Paper Permalink: family-health-assignment-paper / ? Family health nursing is a primary care that provides a range of healthcare promotional services to families. It aims to improve the status of health in all members of the family, from children, youth to adults. Family health nurses have the role of promoting the physical, social, and emotional health of families that have patients. To qualify to perform these roles, one needs specialized training that not only covers medicine but also focuses on other aspects that contribute to overall treatments. Like in any other academic discipline, the professors and teachers in this field leave their students with tasks that they ought to complete as part of the studies. There are those that are good in the practical application of what they learn in class but find it challenging to express themselves in writing. That’s where Nursing Writing Services comes in handy. We help students write theses, term papers, essays, research papers, and many more. Get in touch with us and get flawless and customized papers that will blow your mind. Family Health Problems Tree The purpose I searched for my family health history was to see what complications may occur in my future or in my family.Family Health Assignment Paper There are a couple of benefits behind me researching the diseases throughout my family history including that I can learn what is prevalent which may put me at risk of contracting it, it can help me change my lifestyle to prevent or lower my chances, and help me prepare for what may arise. The diseases that are most prevalent my family that will most likely affect me or my brothers and sisters are Diabetes, Migraine, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol. Diabetes is a disease that I came across when researching my maternal side of my family history. Diabetes is a disease that …show more content… Ways to prevent myself or my siblings of acquiring this disease are the following. I will stay from eating too many sugary foods. Get into a habit of exercising daily and maintaining a healthy weight that is advised by my doctor. Always staying alert for symptoms that can be self-diagnosed (increased thirst and fatigue) and checked by a doctor. High cholesterol is another health complication I’m at risk of acquiring. It showed up only on my maternal side of the tree. There is a genetic factor, but it is usually acquired from bad diets and unhealthy lifestyles (Cholestrol).Family Health Assignment Paper Meaning that main causes of this affliction are ones that you can control. Having high cholesterol isn’t good for blood circulation throughout your body. What happens is that the cholesterol begins to buildup and stick to the insides of your veins and arteries. When enough of the cholesterol builds up it can completely stop blood flow through your arteries. This is not good at all and can many times lead to a heart attack. Another serious problem that can arise from high cholesterol is when your brain doesn’t receive enough blood flow you can have a stroke (like a heart attack except for the brain). Treatment options for high cholesterol are healthy dieting, regular exercise, and various medications that make your body remove the cholesterol by not allowing you to produce any (Cholestrol). Family Health Assignment Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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