Family Nursing Care Analysis Paper

Family Nursing Care Analysis Paper Family Nursing Care Analysis Paper The participating family client for this assignment is L.M. from the M family, which consists of Mrs. L.M., Mr. L.D.M., and their son M. M. The M family currently reside in a modest home in a small town outside of Pittsburgh. L. M. and L.D.M. just celebrated their 24 th wedding anniversary. This is the first marriage for L.D.M. and the second marriage for L.M. L.M. has two children from her previous marriage and L.M. and L.D.M. have two children together. The oldest daughter is married and had two sons who were both diagnosed with a severe genetic disorder.Family Nursing Care Analysis Paper The youngest son passed away in 2016, and the oldest son is severely disabled. The middle son is married with a son and a daughter. The youngest daughter lives on her own. Their youngest child M. M. recently graduated high school this past June and still lives at home. L.M. grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Her mother and father were married for 55 years. Her mother passed in 2007 and her father passed in 2017. Her older sister passed away in early 2018 due to cancer. She is a middle child with an older sister and a younger brother and sister. Since her father and sister’s passing, her relationship with her younger brother and sister has been strained. She has a high school diploma and obtained her cosmetology license after graduation. She currently manages a Senior Activities Center full-time and works part-time as a caregiver. L.M. is very dedicated to her work and it often consumes most of her time. She has many ties in the community and is very involved in it. As a manager of the Senior Activities Center, she volunteers after work with community activities. She also coordinates many of the community activities for the small town that they live in. L.D.M. and M.M. will also volunteer at these activities if their schedule allows. L.D.M. grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh also. His parents are still currently living in the home he grew up in with his older brother. He is very close with his parents, but his older brother is estranged. He completed high school and some college.Family Nursing Care Analysis Paper He recently received his real estate license. L.D.M. used to work for the steel mill until he had a stroke in late 2013. He was unable to return to the steel mill following the stroke, so he has worked odd jobs over the past few years. He currently works side jobs fixing homes, drives for Lyft and Uber, and is starting his career in the real estate market. M. M. recently graduated high school. He is currently attending a trade school through the school district, where he is learning contractor skills. He attends classes in the morning at the high school to complete courses towards college, trade school in the afternoons, and works part time at UPS. He was recently promoted to shift manager at work. All three family members are in seemingly good health. L.M. is a smoker but does not have any comorbidities. She eats a healthy diet and researches healthy medicinal alternatives to maintain her health. L.D.M. has hypertension that is currently controlled with medications. He is compliant with his medications and doctor’s appointments. He eats a healthy diet, including protein shakes, to keep his weight under control. Even though he has had a stroke, he does fairly well, but does have residual weakness on the right side of his body. This impairment has put some strain on the family financially. L.D.M. was unable to work for most of 2014. L.M. and L.D.M. are still trying to recover financially because L.D.M. has been unable to find a stable job that will accommodate his disability. Now that M.M. has been promoted at work, he is able to contribute and help his parents financially, which has eased some of the family strain. M.M. is a healthy 18-year-old and is physically fit. He was a swimmer in high school and still works as a life guard at the community pool in the summer.Family Nursing Care Analysis Paper Permalink: family-nursing-care-analysis-paper / ? All members of the M family have busy schedules. They may not see each other every day but they are all off of work on Sundays. Having only one day of the week that isn’t full of responsibilities is hard on the family. This causes extreme stress to L.M. as she feels that no one helps her around the house and “no one seems to care that she has to do it all”. L.D.M.Family Nursing Care Analysis Paper is very tired after working and feels that on his day off he should be able to relax and should not have to worry about the house. M.M. feels that he isn’t home enough to make a mess and that when he has free time, he should be able to spend it with his friends and other family members. Work, extended family, bills, and money are all stressors to the M family. The family recently went through a hard time as L.M.’s father passed away in November. He lived with the M. family for 10 years. L.M.’s oldest sister passed away five months later due to cancer. The passing of L.M.’s family members has caused fractured relationships with her younger brother and sister. This is a cause of stress to L.M. She wishes things “weren’t so broken”. L.M. hopes that if everyone puts forth effort in household duties that this will alleviate some stress and frustration that the M family experiences every day. The M family have all agreed that they need to share responsibility for the upkeep of the house and make an effort to spend quality family time together with each other. This will help them to talk about and resolve their frustrations.Family Nursing Care Analysis Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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