Federal Income Taxation Form

Federal Income Taxation Form ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Federal Income Taxation Form I’m working on a accounting exercise and need support to help me study. Federal Income Taxation Form use tax form 1040, 1040 schedule 1, 1040 schedule 2, 1040 schedule 3, and 1040 schedule A to fill the information in the attached file. some forms have nothing to fill. attachment_1 Instructions: Fill out a 1040 and the appropriate schedules for your client in the case study below (see IRS.GOV for 2019 tax forms and schedules). Do not use software to prepare the return. Your Client’s Story Your client is Sally Wentz. She is single and age 30. (Social Security number 123-45-6789) Sally’s address is 1 Duberstein Way, Springfield, PA, 19000 Her W-2 form is as follows: Box 1 Wages – $100,000 Box 2 Federal Income Tax Withheld – $21,000 Box 3 Social Security Wages – $100,000 Box 4 Social Security Tax Withheld – $6,200 Box 5 Medicare Wages – $100,000 Box 6 Medicare Tax Withheld – $1,450 Boxes 7-14 are blank Box 15 Sally’s State – PA Box 16 State Wages -$100,000 Box 17 State income tax withheld – $3,200 Box 18 Local Wages $100,000 Box 19 Local Income Tax Withheld – $1,200 Box 20 Locality Name – Chester She works for ABC Company (1 Duberstein Way, Springfield, PA) as a financial planner. Sally takes care of her father who has no income and she provides all of his financial support. He lives on his own in an apartment she rents for him. He is a US citizen and he is unmarried. Sally’s father is Charles Wentz (Social Security 987-65-4321). Sally’s mother died 20 years ago and her father never remarried. Sally has a savings account at TD bank and she got a 1099-Int indicating that the account earned $250 in interest this year. Sally bought $10,000 worth of stock this six months ago (Apple) and she received a 1099-Div indicating she received a $500 dividend from the stock. Sally still holds the stock, and its current value is $11,000. She does not anticipate selling it. Sally had inherited the $10,000 she used to buy the stock earlier in the year when her uncle passed away. Sally grows her own vegetables and eats them for lunches and dinners. The fair market value of the veggies is $275. Sally paid back $1,000 in student loan interest during the year. Sally owns a home worth $250,000. She received a 1099-Int from her lender indicating that she paid $14,000 in interest and $4,000 in real estate (property) taxes. Sally was healthy this year and paid no medical bills. She did, however, contribute $5,000 toward her employer provided medical insurance. Sally gave $500 to Widener University as a gift in honor of her late uncle who was at one time attended the University to get his Masters in Taxation and Financial Planning. Sally contributed $1,000 to a regular (not Roth) IRA for the year. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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