Feminist Therapy Essay

Feminist Therapy Essay Sample Feminist Therapy Essay This theory utilizes the combined efforts of many contributors including Jean Baker Miller, Carolyn Zerbe Enns, Olivia Espin, and Laura Brown. Feminist therapy is an inclusive therapy that puts gender and power at the center of the therapeutic process. Essential to this theory is the premise that social and cultural context contributes to a person’s problems. Further to this is the foundational concept that psychological oppression of women and the constraints imposed by the sociopolitical status affect one’s wellbeing and the opportunities they experience in life. Feminist Therapy Essay Sample ORDER A CUSTOMIZED PAPER HERE The vast majority of clients are women as are the therapists who practice using this model of therapy. This contrasts the previously discussed theories that were all founded by white males from Western cultures. Thus, feminist theory challenges the male-originated assumptions in terms of what identifies a mentally healthy individual. Questions that the theorists pose include why women are more frequently diagnosed with depression, how minority needs are best served, and how to deal with individuals being marginalized and oppressed within society. Background Feminist theory developed in the 1960’s in response to the emerging needs of women as they began expressing their dissatisfaction with the traditional roles that confined them. Through a network of groups that developed to help women with improving shelter, rape crisis centers, and health and reproductive issues, the area of women’s issues developed. Self-help became the primary focus of aiding these women rather than the traditional approach to psychotherapy. Today, feminist therapy focuses on integrating aspects of understanding oppression, multicultural awareness, and multicultural competency. Partnership Between The Client And Counselor Therapy is a partnership between the client and counselor rather than a traditional model of therapist having a superior role of knowledge. As culture and society changed, further areas of specialty developed in the field of feminist therapy including eating disorders, body image, incest and sexual abuse issues. There are a number of philosophies included under the umbrella of feminist theory that continue to change as society and culture shifts. These include such aspects as liberal feminists, cultural feminists, postmodern feminists, and global-international feminists. Feminist Therapy Essay Sample Feminist theory works to create a gender fair approach treating individuals with an understanding of the effect of the current social and cultural environment. A major component of this understands that personality development is deeply ingrained in the societal expectation that women are the primary caretakers of children. This role defines how women develop their sense of self and morality and their function of being responsible for those around them. Feminist theory utilizes this quality towards relationships as a strength and approach to healing and growth. Understanding how women develop their identity falls under the perspective known as gender schema theory. This encompasses components of belief such as girls wear makeup and boys do not. These behaviors determine what is deemed as feminine and masculine and are specific and unique to both society and culture. Feminist Therapy Essay Sample Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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