Grade Anatomy Unit Eval True or False assignment

Grade Anatomy Unit Eval True or False assignment ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Grade Anatomy Unit Eval True or False assignment 12th Grade Anatomy Unit Eval. Document attached. Grade Anatomy Unit Eval True or False assignment attachment_1 MyWork Form 7/7/17 19&00 Print this SCIH045055: Unit 3 Evaluation Student ID: C88176220 Student Name: Marin, Pol Course ID: SCIH045055 Course Name: Anatomy and Physiology Evaluation ID: 3 Evaluation Name: Unit 3 Evaluation Unit 3 Evaluation Anatomy and Physiology (SCIH045055) This evaluation will cover the lessons in this unit. It is open book, meaning you can use your textbook, syllabus, and other course mate You will need to understand, analyze, and apply the information you have learned in order to answer the questions correctly. Part A Choose whether the following statements are True or False. 1. The lumbar puncture must be done below the third lumbar space. a. True b. False 2. The brain stem is made up of the midbrain, pons and the medulla oblongata. a. True b. False 3. The occipital lobe of the brain is located beneath the frontal lobe. a. True b. False 4. There are 24 pairs of cranial nerves which begin in the brain. a. True b. False 5. The phrenic nerve is located in the lumbar plexus and supplies motor movement to the anterior legs and thighs. a. True b. False 6. The diagnostic test for carpal tunnel syndrome is an EKG. Página 1 de 5 MyWork Form 7/7/17 19&00 a. True b. False 7. The sciatic nerve is part of the sacral plexus. a. True b. False 8. The cornea is a clear area in the center of the sclerotic coat. a. True b. False 9. The white part of the eye is the retina. a. True b. False 10. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctival membrane of the eye. a. True b. False 11. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in American adults. a. True b. False 12. Myopia is farsightedness. a. True b. False 13. The eustachian tube is located in the middle ear. a. True b. False 14. A single taste bud contains 5-10 taste cells. a. True b. False 15. The parathyroid glands are associated with the amount of calcium in the blood. a. True b. False 16. The pancreas performs both as an exocrine gland and an endocrine gland. a. True b. False Página 2 de 5 MyWork Form 7/7/17 19&00 17. The growth hormone is secreted by the posterior pituitary gland. a. True b. False 18. Polydipsia is excessive urination. a. True b. False 19. Fruity smelling breath is a symptom of hypoglycemia. a. True b. False 20. Acromegaly means enlargement of body extremity. a. True b. False 21. Encephalitis means inflammation within the spinal cord. a. True b. False 22. Quadriplegia is paralysis from the waist down. a. True b. False 23. A myringotomy is an opening made in the tympanic membrane with tubes placed to allow fluids to drain off. Grade Anatomy Unit Eval True or False assignment a. True b. False 24. Shingles is an acute viral nerve infection. a. True b. False 25. Rhinitis is inflammation of the forehead. a. True b. False Part B Match areas of the brain to the definitions given. 26. smell area (olfactory bulb) Página 3 de 5 MyWork Form 7/7/17 19&00 27. speech area 28. pain, touch, heat, cold sensory area a. b. c. d. e. frontal lobe – cerebrum occipital lobe – cerebrum limbic lobe parietal lobe cerebellum a. b. c. d. e. cervical plexus radial nerve brachial plexus lumbar plexus sacral plexus 29. vision area 30. balance, muscle movement area Match the area of the spine that controls each movement. 31. supplies motor movement to muscles of the neck 32. supplies motor movement to posterior leg and thigh 33. supplies motor movement to the buttocks 34. supplies movement to shoulder 35. stimulates the wrist and hand movements Match the vision problem with its definition. 36. burning, tightness, watery, blurry vision, headaches 37. crossed eyes 38. unable to focus on close objects a. b. c. d. e. presbyopia eyestrain strabismus amblyopia diplopia 39. double vision 40. dimness of vision Match the ear bones to the area of the ear where located (areas may be used more than once). 41. semicircular canals 42. tympanic membrane 43. oval window a. outer ear b. middle ear c. inner ear 44. eustachian tube 45. hammer, anvil, and stirrup Match each hormone with its function. 46. promotes milk ejection Página 4 de 5 MyWork Form 7/7/17 19&00 a. b. c. d. e. 47. stimulates growth of new ovarian follicles 48. maintains water balance by reducing urinary output TSH Oxytocin Vasopressin FSH GH 49. accelerates body growth 50. stimulates the growth and secretion of thyroid gland When you have completed this evaluation, use the tools on this page to submit it for grading. You may only submit this evaluation one time. Save Submit Cancel The University of Nebraska is an equal opportunity educator and employer. ©2017, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. All rights reserved. Página 5 de 5 … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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